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1. JOHNNY CASH: Unearthed

2. OUTKAST: Spearkerboxx/The Love Below


4. THE STROKES: Room On Fire


6.        AL GREEN: I Can’t Stop

7.        DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE: Transatlanticism

8.        TRIBALISTAS: Arnaldo Antunes, Carlinhos Brown e Marisa Monte

9.        THE JAYHAWKS: Rainy Day Music

10.      THE SLEEPY JACKSON: Lovers

11.      THE THRILLS: So Much For The City

12.      RADIOHEAD: Hail To The Thief

13.      BELLE & SEBASTIAN: Dear Catastrophe Waitress

14.      RADIO 4: Gotham!

15.      THE RAPTURE THE: Echoes

16.      THE TYDE: Twice  

17.      THE HIGH LLAMAS: Beet, Maize & Corn

18.      MY MORNING JACKET: It Still Moves

19.      LUCINDA WILLIAMS: World Without Tears

20.      THE RAVEONETTES: Chaing Gang Of Love

21.      YO LA TENGO: Summer Sun

22.      BEN HARPER: Diamonds On The Inside

23.      LLOYD COLE: Music In A Foreign Language

24.      CALEXICO: Feast Of Wire

25.      SPIRITUALIZED: Amazing Grace

26.      CAMERA OBSCURA: Underachievers Please Try Harder

27.      JOSH ROUSE: 1972

28.      ED HARCOURT: From Every Sphere

29.      THE POSTAL SERVICE: Give Up

30.      GANG STARR: The Ownerz

31.      ADAM MASTERSON: One Tale Too Many

32.      BENT: The Everlasting Blink

33.      BONNIE PRINCE BILLY: Master And Everyone

34.      JET: Get Born

35.      NICK CAVE: Nocturama

36.      THE DANDY WARHOLS: Welcome To The Monkey House

37.      KINGS OF LEON: Youth & Young Manhood

38.      TAHITI 80: Wallpaper For The Soul

39.      URSULA RUCKER: Silver Or Lead

40.      WARREN ZEVON: The Wind

41.      STEVE WYNN & THE MIRACLE 3: Static Transmission

42.      DAVID HOLMES: The Free Association

43.      BOOZOO BAJOU: Juke Joint

44.      EVAN DANDO: Baby I’m Bored

45.      COLDER: Again

46.      HOT HOT HEAT: Make Up The Breakdown

47.      TINDERSTICKS: Waiting For The Moon

48.      THE KILLS: Keep On Your Mean Side

49.      JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS: Streetcore

50.      IAN McCULLOCH: Slideling

51.      ALICIA KEYS: The Diary Of Alicia Keys

52.      DAMIEN RICE: O

53.      ROBERT WYATT: Cuckooland

54.      BLUR: Think Tank

55.      BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB: Take Them On On You Own

56.      ARE WEAPONS: Are Weapons

57.      ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION: Enemy Of The Enemy

58.      BASEMENT JAXX: Kish Kash

59.      YEAH YEAH YEAHS: Fever To Tell

60.      ALPHA: Stargazing

61.      STARSAILOR: Silence Is Easy

62.      COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS: Too Close To See Far

63.      DANIEL LANOIS: Shine

64.      ELBOW: Cast Of Thousands

65.      ELLIOTT MURPHY: Strings Of The Storm

66.      THE CORAL: Magic And Medicine

67.      CIBELLE: Cibelle

68.      DON MARIANI: Underwater Casino

69.      DWELE: Subject

70.      EELS: Shooten Anny!

71.      FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE: Welcome Interstate Managers

72.      THE GO-BETWEENS: Bright Yellow, Bright Orange

73.      GROOVE ARMADA: Lovebox

74.      ISOBEL CAMPBELL: Amorino

75.      JUNKIE XL: Radio JXL:  A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin

76.      MASSIVE ATTACK: 100th Window

77.      THE MINUS 5: Down With Wilco

78.      MOJAVE 3: Spoon And Rafter

79.      NEIL YOUNG: Greendale

80.      OI VA VOI: Laughter Through Tears

81.      PERNICE BROTHERS: Yours, Mine & Ours

82.      PIANO MAGIC: Artist’s Rifles  

83.      DIZZEE RASCAL: Boy In Da Corner

84.      PULSEPROGRAMMING: Tulsa For One Second

85.      RICKIE LEE JONES: The Evenings Of My Best Day

86.      RICHARD HAWLEY: Lowedges

87.      SHELBY LYNNE: Identity Crisis

88.      ERYKAH BADU: Worldwide Underground

89.      SUPER FURRY ANIMALS: Phantom Power

90.      THE THORNS: The Thorns

91.      UNKLE: Never, Never Land

92.      EDISON WOODS: Seven Principles Of Leave No Trace

93.      RUFUS WAINWRIGHT: Want One

94.      SHACK: Here’s Tom With The Weather

95.      THE HIDDEN CAMERAS: The Smell Of Our Own

96.      BRITISH SEA POWER: The Decline Of British Sea Power

97.      ARAB STRAP: Monday At The Hug & Pint

98.      CAT POWER: You Are Free

99.      BETTIE SERVEERT: Log 22

100.   JOE JACKSON BAND: Volume 4





1. Postal Service: Such Great Heights

2. Electric Six:  Danger (High Voltage)

3. The Libertines: Don’t Look Back Into The Sun

4. Radio 4:  Dance To The Underground

5. The Rapture:  House Of Jealous Lovers

6.        Das Pop:  Youth

7.        Punjabi MC: Mundian To Bach Ke

8.        The Strokes: Reptilia

9.        Tahiti 80: 1000 Times

10.      Tribalistas: Ja sei namorar

11.      The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army

12.      Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Maps

13.      Starsailor: Silence Is Easy

14.      The Sleepy Jackson: Miniskirt

15.      Camera Obscura: Suspended From Class

16.      Josh Rouse: Love Vibration

17.      Ed Harcourt: Watching The Sun Come Up

18.      Junkie XL (feat. Robert Smith): Perfect Blue Sky

19.      Evan Dando: The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is The Same Part I Can Live Without

20.      Benjamin Biolay:  Negatif

21.      Johnny Cash: Redemption Song

22.      My Morning Jacket: Golden

23.      Al Green: My Problem Is You

24.      The Jayhawks: Tailspin

25.      The Dandy Warhols: We Used To Be Friends

26.      Steve Wynn & The Miracles: California Style

27.      Outkast: Hey Ya!

28.      The Coral: Pass It On

29.      Hot Hot Heat: Bandages

30.      The Thrills: Santa Cruz  

31.      Moloko: Familiar Feeling

32.      Chicks On Speed: We Don’t Play Guitars

33.      Death Cab For Cutie: Title And Registration

34.      Lloyd Cole: My Other Life

35.      Ian McCulloch: Baby, Hold On

36.      Belle & Sebastian: Step Into My Office, Baby

37.      Jet: Rollover DJ

38.      Beetie Serveert:  Wide Eyed Fools

39.      Beyonce: Crazy In Love

40.      Dessert Sessions: Crawl Home

41.      The Ravonettes: That Great Love Sound

42.      The Roots: The Seed

43.      ARE Weapons: Hey World

44.      Broadcast: Before We Beguin

45.      Console:  Un sueño

46.      Dayna Kurtz: Love Gets In The Way

47.      Kings Of Leon: Holly Roller Novocaine

48.      Yo La Tengo:  Little Eyes

49.      Bent:  Magic Love

50.      Basemen Jaxx: Good Luck

51.      Nick Cave: Babe, I’m On Fire

52.      Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Stop  

53.      50 Cent: In Da Club

54.      Blur: Out Of Time

55.      Richard X: Being Nobody

56.      Tindersticks: Don’t Even Go There

57.      The Donnas: Take It Off

58.      Junkie XL (feat. Solomon Burke): Catch Up To My Step

59.      Neil Young: Bandit

60.      Client: Rock And Roll Machine

61.      Franz Ferdinand: Darts Of Pleasure

62.      Carla Bruni: Quelqu’un m’a dit

63.      The Hidden Cameras: Ban Marriage

64.      The Undertones: Thrill Me

65.      Adam Green: Friends Of Mine

66.      The Sleepy Jackson: Good Dancers

67.      Dizzee Rascal: I Luv U

68.      The Thrills: Big Sur

69.      The Kills: Fried My Little Brains

70.      Radiohead: There There

71.      Colder: Shiny Star

72.      The Go-Betweens: Caroline And I

73.      Arab Strap: The Shy Retirer

74.      Cat Power: Free

75.      The Strokes: 12:51

76.      The Thrills: One Horse Town

77.      !!!: Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)

78.      Ryan Adams: So Alive

79.      The Rapture: Olio

80.      Gang Starr: Skulls

81.      The Zephyrs: Don’t Say Sorry

82.      Damien Rice: Volcano

83.      The Sleepy Jackson: Rain Falls For Wind

84.      Kings Of Leon: Molly’s Chambers

85.      Jet: Are You Gonna Be My Girl

86.      The Coral: Don’t Think You’re The First

87.      LFO: Freak  

88.      Colder: Crazy Love

89.      Pulseprogramming: Blooms Eventually

90.      Cinerama: Don’t Touch That Dial





1.  NACHO VEGAS: Cajas de música difíciles de parar

2. REFREE: Nones


4. PAULINE EN LA PLAYA: Termitas y otras cosas


6.    EL COLUMPIO ASESINO: El columpio asesino

7.    ROTY 340: TZOOTZ

8.    LA COSTA BRAVA: Déjese querer por una loca

9.    LA EXCEPCIÓN: ¡Cata Cheli!


11.  DENEUVE: Llueve revolución

12.  QUIQUE GONZÁLEZ: Kamikazes enamorados

13.  DELUXE: If Things Were To Go Wrong  

14.  BALAGO: El segon pis

15.  EDDINE SAID: Onírica

16.  KIKI D’AKI: Mi colección

17.  NAWJA: Mayday

18.  SEXY SADIE: Lost & Found

19.  SR. CHINARRO: El ventrílocuo de sí mismo  

20.  PLASTIC D’AMOUR: Olivia

21.  NIÑAS LAS: Ojú

22.  MR. SNOID: Gran Confort

23.  NIZA: Canciones de temporada

24.  MUDO: Mudo

25.  SILVIA AMAL: Palabras de libertad

26.  CECILIA ANN: Si yo te contara

27.  DLUX: Después de la marea

28.  GECKO TURNER: Guapapasea!

29.  ELECTRA: La niña de los siete corazones

30.  LE PUNK: La logia de la canalla

31.  MEDUSA: Larga duración

32.  PIRATAS: Relax

33.  JARBANZO NEGRO: Terra Without Grenzen

34.  BICHO EL: El bicho

35.  ARIEL ROT: Lo siento, Frank + Acústico (2 CDs)

36.  AMPARANOIA: Enchilao

37.  DNOE: Qué piensan las mujeres 1:  Personal

38.  MINERAL WATER: El mundo es un lugar extraño

39.  EDWIN MOSES: Love Turns You Upside Down  

40.  UNIVERSAL CIRCUS: Universal Circus


42.  GRUPO SALVAJE: In Black We Trust

43.  ELLOS: Ni lo sé, ni me importa

44.  CORCOBADO: Fotografiando al corazón

45.  ELEFANTES: La forma de mover tus manos


47.  LOGAN: Música avanzada

48.  MANTA RAY: Estratexa

49.  AIRBAG: Ensamble cohetes

50. GRADO 33: Ya se oculta el sol




1.     La Costa Brava: Hazte camarera

2.     La Mala Rodríguez: La niña

3.     La Habitación Roja: La edad de oro

4.   La Buena Vida: Un actor mejicano  

5.   Cooper: Cierra los ojos

6.   Sr. Chinarro: Los carteles

7.   Las Niñas: Oju

8.   Cecilia Ann: Mi revolución

9.   Clovis: 1975

10. Quique González: Piedras y flores

11. Plastic D’Amour: Aujourd’hui

12. La Excepción: Hoy Frescuni

13. Nacho Vegas: En el jardín de la duermevela

14. Refree: El hueco

15. Pauline en la playa: Me acurruco

16. Najwa: Go Cain

17. Dusminguet: Rock & Roll  

18. Universal Circus: J.U.N.O.

19. Deluxe: We’ve Got Too Much

20. Kiki D’Aki: El color de los días perdidos

20. Sexy Sadie: Almost Drunk  

21. Manta Ray: Que niño soy

21. Gecko Turner: Un limón en tu cabeza

22. Medusa: Policía sentimental

23. Ellos: Algo muy grande

24. La Buena Vida: Lo que dicte el corazón

25. El Columpio Asesino: Motel

Xavier Valiño

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