Ultrasonica e-zine :: Xavier Valiño







1.        The Streets: Original Pirate Material

2.        Tom Waits: Alice / Blood Money

3.        Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man: Out Of Season

4.        Primal Scream: Evil Heat

5.        Solomon Burke: Don’t Give Up On Me

6.        Coldplay: A Rush Of Blood To The Head

7.        Benjamin Biolay: Rose Kennedy

8.        The Libertines: Up The Bracket

9.        Cornershop: Handcream For A Generation

10.      Johnny Cash: The Man Comes Around

11.      Underworld: A Hundred Days Off

12.      The Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

13.      Ms. Dynamite: A Little Deeper

14.      múm: Finally We Are No One

15.      Supergrass: Life On Other Planets

16.      Doves: The Last Broadcast

17.      Angelique Kidjo: Black Ivory Soul

18.      Lambchop: Is A Woman

19.      Beth Orton: Daybreaker

20.      Ryan Adams: Demolition

21.      Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

22.      Camera Obscura: Biggest Blues Hi-Fi

23.      Smith & Mighty: Life Is…

24.      Queens Of The Stone Age: Songs For The Deaf

25.      Gemma Hayes: Night On My Side

26.      The Vines: Highly Evolved

27.      Perry Blake: California

28.      Interpol: Turn On The Bright Lights

29.      Counting Crows: Hard Candy

30.      Low: Trust

31.      Nada Surf: Let Go

32.      2 Many Dj’s: As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt 2

33.      The D4: 6Twenty

34.      Faultline: Your Love Means Everything

35.      Terry Callier: Speak Your Peace

36.      Giant Leap: Giant Leap 1

37.      Foo Fighters: One By One

38.      Thievery Corporation: The Richest Man In Babylon

39.      Josh Rouse: Under Cold Blue Stars

40.      Nightmares On Wax: Mind Elevation

41.      Dan Bern: New American Language

42.      Tony Allen: Home Cooking

43.      The Tyde: Once

44.      Jesse Malin: The Fine Art Of Self Destruction

45.      Weezer: Maladroit

46.      Death In Vegas: Scorpio Rising

47.      Cracker: Forever

48.      Vinicius Cantuaria: Vinicius

49.      Badly Drawn Boy: Have You Fed The Fish

50.      Bruce Springsteen: The Rising

51.      Noonday Underground: Surface Noise

52.      Paul Westerberg: Stereo/Mono

53.      Carla Bruni: Quelqu’un M’a Dit

54.      Sigur Ros: ()

55.      Youssou N’dour: Coono Du Reer

56.      Missy Elliott: Under Construction

57.      Dj Shadow: The Private Press

58.      The Delgados: Hate

59.      The Notwist: Neon Golden

60.      Danko Jones: Born A Lion

61.      The Chemical Brothers: Come With Us

62.      Prince: The Rainbow Children

63.      Departure Lounge: Too Late To Die Young

64.      Flogging Molly: Drunken Lullabies

65.      Sleater-Kinney: One Beat

66.      And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead: Source Tags & Codes

67.      Eminem: The Eminem Show

68.      Gigolo Aunts: Pacific Ocean Blue

69.      The Breeders: Title Tk

70.      Orchestra Baobab: Specialist In All Styles

71.      Edwin Collins: Doctor Syntax

72.      The Bellrays: Mett The Bellrays

73.      Baxter Dury: Len Parrot’s Memorial Lift

74.      Gordon Gano: Hitting The Ground

75.      Ive Mendes: 1º

76.      Beck: Sea Change

77.      Saint Etienne: Finisterre

78.      Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucus: Songs To No One 1991 – 92

79.      Programme: L’enfer tiède

80.      The Roots: Phrenology

81.      Ladytron: Light And Magic

82.      El-P: Fantastic Damage

83.      The Coral: The Coral

84.      Neil Michael Hagerty: Plays That Good Old Rock And Roll

85.      Songs: Ohia: Didn’t It Rain

86.      Be Good Tanyas: Blue House

87.      Steve Earle: Jerusalem

88.      The Black Heart Procession: Amore Del Tropico

89.      Ron Sexmith: Cobblestone Runway

90.      Feeder: Comfort In Sound

91.      Roddy Frame: Surf

92.      Simian: We Are Your Friends

93.      My Computer: Vulnerabilia

94.      The Polyphonic Spree: The Beginning Stages Of

95.      The Von Bodies: Lack Of Communication

96.      Brendan Benson: Lapulco

97.      Arto Lindsay: Invoke

98.      Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster: Horse Of The Dog

99.      Steve Earle: Jerusalem

100.    Radio 4: Gotham!



1.      Coldplay: Clocks

2.      Primal Scream: Miss Lucifer

3.      The Bluetones: After Hours

4.      Benjamin Biolay: Les Cerfs Volants

5.      The Streets: Let’s Push Things Forward

6.      The Libertines: What A Waster

7.      Richard Ashcroft: Check The Meaning

8.      New Order: Here To Stay

9.      Beth Gibbons & Rusty Man: Mysteries

10.  Supergrass: Grace

11.  The Notwist: Pilot  

12.  Camera Obscura: Eighties Fan

13.  Belle & Sebastian: Wandering Alone

14.  Faultline Feat. Chris Martin: Where’s My Boy

15.  Gemma Hayes: Back Of My Hand

16.  Dominique A: Les Infants Des Pirees

17.  Fischerspooner: Emerge

18.  Schneider TM: The Light

19.  Perry Blake: This Life

20.  X-Press2: Lazy

21.  Underworld: Two Months Off

22.  Ryan Adams: Nuclear

23.  Badly Drown Boy: Silent Sigh

24.  Royksopp: Poor Leno

25.  Johnny Cash: Personal Jesus

26.  Morcheeba & Kurt Wagner: What New York Couples Fight About

27.  Cornershop: Lessons Learned From Rocky 1 To III

28.  múm: Green Grass Of Tunnel

29.  Ms. Dynamite: It Takes More

30.  Saint Etienne: Action

31.  Nigthmares On Wax: Know My Name

32.  Suede: Obsessions

33.  Primal Scream: Autobhan 66

34.  Coldplay: In My Place

35.  Beth Orton: Carmelle

36.  The Thrills: Santa Cruz

37.  Luna: Mermaid Eyes

38.  The Vines: Get Free

39.  Doves: There Goes The Fear

40.  Foo Fighters: One By One

41.  Ash: Envy

42.  Queens Of The Stone Age: No One Knows

43.  White Stripes: Fell In Love With A Girl

44.  Peaches: Set It Off

45.  Eminem: Without Me

46.  Layo & Bushwacka!: Love Story

47.  Missy Elliott: Work It

48.  Dj Shadow: Six Days

49.  Ms Dynamite: Dy-Na-Me-Tee

50.  Sugababes: Freak Like Me

51.  The Bellrays: Fire On The Moon

52.  Richard Hawley: Baby You’re My Light

53.  The Tyde: Blood Brothers

54.  The Electric Soft Parade: Empty At The End

55.  The D4: Get Loose

56.  Alizee: Moi… Lolita

57.  Death In Vegas: Hands Around My Throat

58.  Norah Jones: Lonestar

59.  Solomon Burke: Don’t Give Up On Me

60.  Cinematic Orchestra: All That I Give

61.  Low: Canada

62.  Sleater Kinney: One Beat

63.  Paul Oakenfold: Starry Eyed Surprise

64.  The Streets: Weak Become Heroes

65.  Youssou N’Dour: Li Ma Weese

66.  The Libertines: Boys In The Band

67.  Cornershop: Staging The Plaguing Of The Raised Platform

68.  Lambchop: Is A Woman

69.  The White Stripes: Dead Leaves & The Dirty Ground

70.  Supergrass: Never Done Something Like That Before

71.  Badly Drawn Boy: You Were Right

72.  The Chemical Brothers: The Test

73.  Jay-Jay Johanson: On The Radio

74.  The Delgados: Coming In From The Cold

75.  Jimmy Eat World: The Middle

76.  The Flaming Lips: Do You Realize?

77.  The Vines: Highly Evolved

78.  Baxter Dury: Boneyard Dogs

79.  The Streets: Don’t Mug Yourself

80.  Doves: Pounding

81.  Eminem: Loose Yourself

82.  Tender Trap: Oh Katrina

83.  Manic Street Preachers: There By The Grace

84.  Massive Attack: I Against I

85.  The Eightie’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster: Celebrate Your Mother

86.  Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Bang

87.  Lcd Soundsystem: Losing My Edge

88.  The Rapture: House Of Jealous Lovers

89.  Songs Ohia: Ring The Bell

90.  Programme: Une vie

91.  Tom Petty: The Last Dj

92.  Angie Stone: Why I Didn’t Miss You

93.  Sugababes: Freak Like Me

94.  The Von Bodies: It Came From Japan

95.  McAlmont & Butler: Falling

96.  Brendan Benson: Good To Me

97.  Idlewild: You Held The World In Your Arms

98.  The Polyphonic Spree: Soldier Girl

99.  Interpol: PDA

100.The Coral: Dreaming Of You




1.        Deneuve: El amor visto desde el aire

2.        Nosoträsh: Popemas

3.        Nacho Goberna: Transparente

4.        Australian Blonde: Lay It On The Line

5.        Los Planetas: Encuentros con entidades

6.        Maga: 1º

7.        Jet Lag: Beautiful Scars

8.        Mercromina: Bingo

9.        Mus: El naval

10.      Ojos de brujo: Barí

11.      Ápeiron. Todo sigue intacto

12.      Sr. Chinarro: Cobre cuanto antes

13.      José María Granados: Suena así

14.      Nilo MC: Guajiro del asfalto

15.      José Ignacio Lapido: Música celestial

16.      Úrsula: Todo vuelve a ser lo que ya era

17.      Juan Rivas: Devenir del pasado

18.      La Buena Vida: Harmónica

19.      Aroah: No podemos ser amigos

20.      Humanoid: Romance

21.      Niños mutantes: Nuevas sensaciones en el Simca

22.      Ama: Ama

23.      Christina Rosenvinge: Foreign Land

24.      Juniper Moon: El resto de mi vida

25.      J. Teixi Band: Justo ahora

26.      The Mistakens: Dos minutos

27.      Lombardi: Uno

28.      Patacho: Fuga de vocales

29.      Malahora: Intro][vertido

30.      Ciudadano: 38 minutos en el aire

31.      Cassino: Consecuencias

32.      Antonio Vega: Básico

33.      Fermín Muguruza: In-Komunikazioa

34.      Migala: Restos de un incendio

35.      Polar: A Letter To The Stars




1.      Los Planetas: Pesadilla en el parque de atracciones

2.      La Buena Vida: Mirando Atrás

3.      Ápeiron: Ex

4.      Maga: Piedraluna

5.      Nacho Vegas: En la sed mortal

6.    Australian Blonde: Valis

7.    Nosoträsh: Corazón colilla

8.    Mercromina: Chaqueta de pana

9.    Christina Rosenvinge: Off Screen

10.  Nacho Goberna: 4 estaciones

11.  Polar: Snow Song

12.  Deneuve: Perder el miedo

13.  José Ignacio Lapido: Nadie besa al perdedor

14.  Carrots: Sunshine

15.  Juniper Moon: Puro teatro

16.  Jet Lag: Six

17.  Mus: Al Oeste de la divisoria

18.  Jaime Urrutia: Dónde estás

19.  Humanoid: Deep Inside

20.  José María Granados: Guárdame un sitio

21.  Ojos de brujo: Ventilaor M-80

22.  The Mistakens: Adiós

23.  Enrique Bunbury: Lady Blue

24.  Niños mutantes: Ayer (canción alemana)

25.  Nilo MC: El puente

26.  Juan Rivas: Relatos ante una nueva ola

27.  Aroah: Canción con idioma

28.  Ama: Los caminos y las montañas

29.  Lombardi: Lluvia

30.  J. Teixi Band: Puede ser amor

31.  Los Planetas: Corrientes circulares en el tiempo

32.  Patacho: Hay momentos

33.  Cassino: Tu noche en mi coche

34.  Antonio Vega: San Antonio

35.  La puta opepé: Jose Mari

Xavier Valiño

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