Empezamos hoy con el resumen anual de lo que más ha gustado al responsable de estas páginas. Después de los mejores discos gallegos, estatales e internacionales que repasamos justo antes de fin de año, llega ahora el turno para las canciones internacionales, 80 destacadas y, después, el resto, hasta sumar 1.650, en orden alfabético.

Todas se pueden escuchar en la lista SPOTIFY que encabeza estas líneas (o pinchando en este mismo enlace), 110 horas de música para poner en bucle. Seguro que todo el mundo encuentra unas cuantas que le gusten y más de una sorpresa. 

En primer lugar, una infecciosa canción bailable hecha con guitarras a cargo de un grupo australiano que lleva dos años funcionando, Girl and Girl, y aún no tienen un primer álbum editado. Después, la mejor canción del debut del trío Gabriels, con la portentosa voz de Jacob Lusk, en esta ocasión en versión larga para disfrutarla en todo su esplendor. Y, cerrando el podio, una sentida balada de Adrianne Lenker, la líder de Big Thief, quien emociona tanto en su video como aquel primer plano de Sinéad O’Connor que la hizo venerada en todo el mundo.

1. Girl and Girl: Dance Now

2 Gabriels, Greg Wilson, Ché Wilson: Love and Hate in a Different Time

3 Adrianne Lenker: Ruined

4 Gruff Rhys: Silver Lining Lead Balloons

5 Dexys, Dexys Midnight Runners: My Submission

6 Brigitte Calls Me Baby: Impressively Average

7 Rob Moose, Brittany Howard: I Bend But Never Break (feat. Brittany Howard)

8 Dennis Schocket: Beneath Your Silver Sky

9 Georgia Mooney: Soothe You

10 Bonny Doon: Crooked Creek

11 Indigo Sparke: In The Garden

12 Gorillaz & Stevie Nicks: Oil

13 The New Pornographers: Cat and Mouse With the Light

14 Caroline Rose: Jill Says

15 Say She She: C’est Si Bon

16 The Delines: My Blood Bleeds the Darkest Blue

17 The Coral: North Wind

18 Slowdive: chained to a cloud

19 Everything But The Girl: Nothing Left To Lose

20 boygenius, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus: Not Strong Enough

21 Alison Goldfrapp: Love Invention

22 Björk, ROSALÍA: Oral

23 ANOHNI, Antony and the Johnsons: It Must Change

24 Blur: The Narcissist

25 Art School Girlfriend: A Place To Lie

26 Summertimes, The: Athens, Ga

27 Clientele, The: Dying in May

28 Eartheater: Crushing

29 CMAT, John Grant: Where Are Your Kids Tonight?

30 Slaughter Beach\, Dog: Engine

31 Coma Girls: Back to the Source

32 Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Yu-Ching Huang: Galactic Romance

33 Bleachers: Modern Girl

34 John Vincent III: Dandelion

35 Courting: Emily G

36 Cut Worms: Ballad of the Texas King

37 Lael Neale: Must Be Tears

38 Tallest Man On Earth, The: Bless You

39 Loney Dear: ALL THINGS GO

40 Black Pumas: Chronicles of a Diamond

41 Ethel: Pixie Dust

42 Brandee Younger, Meshell Ndegeocello: Dust (feat. Meshell Ndegeocello)

43 Subsonic Eye: Performative

44 HMLTD: Liverpool Street

45 Dan Croll: How Close We Came

46 Tatiana Hazel: Would You Love Me Anyway?

47 Christine and the Queens: Full of Life

48 Lachlan Denton: Lose

49 Christian Kjellvander: Notes from the Drive Between Simat and Alcoi

50 Depeche Mode: Ghosts Again

51 Mountain Mansion: Tiara Peak

52 Egyptian Blue: To Be Felt

53 Aoife Nessa Frances: Fantasy

54 John Parish, Aldous Harding: Three Hours

55 Adekunle Gold, Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers: Falling Up

56 Jordan, The: Catwalk

57 Sam Truth: Lightspeed

58 Braids: Evolution

59 Mutual Benefit: Wasteland Companions

60 CARM, Edie Brickell: More and More

61 Mac DeMarco, Ryan Paris: Simply Paradise

62 Alice Phoebe Lou: Open My Door   

63 Methyl Ethel & Stella Donnelly: Proof

64 Becca Mancari: Don’t Close Your Eyes

65 Steve Mason & Javed Bashir: No More

66 Ben Folds: Kristine From The 7th Grade

67 Gabriela Garrubo, Sondre Lerche: O Amor Ainda Espera

68 Fenne Lily: Light Light Up

69 Dawn Brothers & DeWolff: What a View

70 Video Age: Away From The Castle

71 Waeve, The: Sleepwalking

72 Lucas Santanna: Errare humanum est

73 Angel Olsen: Nothing’s Free

74 Galen & Paul, Galen Ayers, Paul Simonon: No Es Necesario

75 Benét: Insensitive

76 Albert Hammond Jr, Rainsford: Alright Tomorrow (feat. Rainsford)

77 Gracie Abrams: Difficult

78 Fellini Félin: All I Did

79 Brigitte Calls Me Baby: Eddie My Love

80 Delines, The: Christmas in Atlantis


  1. .com, Flowerbabe: my only fantasy
  2. 1017 ALYX 9SM, Ethel Cain: Famous Last Words (An Ode to Eaters)
  3. 60 juno: zzz
  4. A Beacon School: KITM
  5. A Beacon School: Mantra
  6. A Certain Ratio, Ellen Beth Abdi: Afro Dizzy
  7. Acetone: Plain As Your Eyes Can See
  8. Adam Melchor: Garment Bag
  9. Adanowsky, Beck: Chain Reactionary
  10. Adriana Calcanhotto: Larga Tudo
  11. Adriana Calcanhotto: Levou Para o Samba a Minha Fantasia
  12. Alan Braxe, Annie: Never Coming Back
  13. Alan Palomo: Is There Nightlife After Death?
  14. Albert: Wild Swimming
  15. Albert Hammond Jr: Darlin’
  16. Album Leaf, The: Afterglow
  17. Album Leaf & Bat for Lashes, The: Near
  18. Album Leaf, The: Near   
  19. Alex Anwandter: Nuestra vida juntos
  20. Alex Anwandter: Despertando
  21. Alex Ebert: To Feel Alive
  22. Alex Lahey: You’ll Never Get Your Money Back
  23. Alex Lahey: When The Rain Comes Down
  24. Alex Siegel: Better Left Unsaid
  25. Alex Temple, Julia Holter & Spektral Quartet: Behind the Wallpaper: No. 3, Tiny Holes
  26. Alfa Mist & Kaya Thomas-Dyke: Aged Eyes
  27. Alfa Mist: Foreword
  28. Alfa Mist: Cycles   
  29. Alfie Firmin: Lost on Me
  30. Alice Phoebe Lou: Shelter
  31. Ali Farka Touré, Oumou Sangaré: Bandolobourou
  32. Alisa Amador: Woke Up Today
  33. Alison Goldfrapp: SLoFLo
  34. Alison Goldfrapp: In Electric Blue
  35. Alison Goldfrapp: Fever (This Is the Real Thing)
  36. Alison Goldfrapp, Claptone: Digging Deeper
  37. Alison Goldfrapp: Impossible
  38. Alison Goldfrapp: So Hard So Hot
  39. Alix Page: 4Runner
  40. Allah-Las: Dust
  41. Allison Russell: The Returner
  42. Allison Russell: Snakelife
  43. Allison Russell: Stay Right Here
  44. Altin Gün: Badi Sabah Olmadan
  45. Altin Gün: Doktor Civanım   
  46. Always Centerd at Night, Moby & José James: Ache for
  47. Amanda Whiting, PEACH., Mat Lloyd, Chris Cracknell: Where Would We Be – Chris Cracknell Remix
  48. Amber Arcades: Contain
  49. ammar: (nevermind)
  50. Amos Lee: Everything Has Changed
  51. Anchoress, The: Bizarre Love Triangle   
  52. Ancient Pools: Comachrome
  53. Andrew Wyatt: Maybe You Know Me Now
  54. Andy Shauf: Halloween Store
  55. Andy Shauf: Long Throw
  56. Angelo De Augustine: The Painter
  57. Angelo De Augustine: I Don’t Want to Live, I Don’t Want to Die
  58. Angelo De Augustine: Blood Red Thorn
  59. Angel Olsen: Holding On
  60. Angel Olsen: Greenville
  61. Angel Olsen: Something On Your Mind
  62. Angel Olsen: My Reverie – From «A Small Light:  Episode 4»
  63. Angels Of Libra, Maiiah: I’m A Good Woman
  64. Angels Of Libra, Maiiah: No No No (I’m So Broke)
  65. Angels Of Libra, Jean Cortis: In & Out – Instrumental
  66. Angels Of Libra, Nathan Johnston: Curtis (Do You Wanna Be a Star?)
  67. Angels Of Libra, Nathan Johnston: The Nine Angel Choirs
  68. Angels Of Libra, Nathan Johnston: Angel of Libra
  69. Angels Of Libra, Nathan Johnston: Euphoria (Is Spreading on the Dancefloor)
  70. Angie Stone: High
  71. Angie Stone: Angie Stone Wish I Didn’t Miss You (Re-Recorded) [Acapella]
  72. Animal Collective: Stride Rite
  73. Anjimile: The King
  74. Anna B Savage: The Ghost
  75. Anna B Savage: The Orange
  76. Anna of the North: Ridin   
  77. Anna of the North: Swirl
  78. Anna of the North: Try My Best
  79. Anna Setton: O futuro é mais bonito
  80. Anna St. Louis: Phone
  81. Annie Hart: What Makes Me Me
  82. Annie Hart: Stop Staring At You
  83. ANOHNI, Antony and the Johnsons: Can’t
  84. ANOHNI, Antony and the Johnsons: It’s My Fault
  85. ANOHNI, Antony and the Johnsons: Sliver of Ice
  86. Anohni: Rapture
  87. Another Sky: Uh Oh!
  88. Aoife Nessa Frances: Automatic Love
  89. Archive: Colour Me
  90. Arcs, The: A Man Will Do Wrong
  91. Arlo Parks: Blades
  92. Arlo Parks: Jasmine
  93. Arlo Parks: Pegasus (ft. Phoebe Bridgers)
  94. Arlo Parks: Weightless
  95. Arone Dyer, stargaze: Sugar Friend
  96. Art Feynman: All I Can Do
  97. Art Feynman: Desperately Free
  98. Art Feynman: I Do
  99. Art Feynman: In CD
  100. Art Feynman: Passed Over
  101. Art School Girlfriend: Heaven Hanging Low
  102. Art School Girlfriend: Real Life
  103. Art School Girlfriend: The Weeks
    1. Savage: Elvis In The Army
  104. Atmosphere: Okay
  105. Augustine: Friend’s House Party
  106. Avery Tate: Invisible Darlings
  107. Avery Tate: Sweeper’s Grin
  108. Babasónicos: Tajada
  109. Babe Rainbow: Loading Quicksilver with Pitchfork
  110. Baby Dave, Kate Nash: Telephobia
  111. Baby Rose & Smino: I Won’t Tell
  112. Baby Rose: Stop The Bleeding
  113. Baerd: Same Page
  114. Bailen: Nothing left to give
  115. BALTHVS: Like Coconut Water
  116. Balu Brigada: Find A Way
  117. Bar Italia: Punkt
  118. Barbara Lynn: We’ll Understand
  119. Barrie: Empty
  120. Base Hollow: City In Color
  121. Baseball Project, The: Disco Demolition
  122. Baseball Project, The: Having Fun
  123. Baseball Project, The: Yips
  124. Baxter Dury, JGrrey: Leon
  125. Baxter Dury: Crowded Rooms
  126. BC Camplight: Kicking Up A Fuss
  127. Beabadoobee, Clairo: Glue Song (feat. Clairo)
  128. beabadoobee, Laufey: A Night To Remember
  129. Beach Fossils: Dare Me
  130. Beach Fossils: Don’t Fade Away
  131. Beach Fossils: Run To The Moon   
  132. Beach Fossils: Tough Love
  133. Beach House: American Daughter   
  134. Beach House: Become
  135. Beach Vacation, Cathedral Bells: Blurred Out
  136. Bear’s Den: Honest Mistake
  137. Bebel Gilberto: Caminhos Cruzados
  138. Bebel Gilberto: É Preciso Perdoar
  139. Becca Mancari: Homesick Honeybee
  140. Becca Mancari: It’s Too Late
  141. Bella White: Break My Heart
  142. Bella White: The Best Of Me   
  143. Belle & Sebastian: Give a Little Time
  144. Belle & Sebastian: When the Cyinics Stare Back at You
  145. Belle & Sebastian: When You’re Not With Me
  146. Ben Folds: Back To Anonymous
  147. Ben Folds: But Wait, There’s More
  148. Ben Folds: Winslow Gardens
  149. Ben Howard: Days Of Lantana
  150. Benét: No Alarm
  151. Benjamin Biolay & Stéphanie Blanchoud: Le passé
  152. Benjamin Biolay: La superbe – Live
  153. Benjamin Francis Leftwich: Moon Landing Hoax
  154. Benjamin Gibbard & Tom Howe: Frightening Fishes
  155. Bennett Wilson Poole: I Saw Love
  156. Bennett Wilson Poole: Ready to Serve
  157. Bennett Wilson Poole: Tie-Dye T-Shirt
  158. Best Frenz, Joywave: Everything’s The Best!
  159. Bestfriend: Anxious People
  160. Better Joy: Hard To Love
  161. Bettye LaVette, Ray Parker Jr., Jon Batiste: Mess About It (feat. Ray Parker Jr. & Jon Batiste)
  162. Bettye LaVette: Hard To Be A Human
  163. Bettye LaVette: I’m Not Gonna Waste My Love
  164. Beverly Glenn-Copeland: Harbour (Song For Elizabeth)
  165. Beverly Glenn-Copeland: Stand Anthem
  166. Bewilder: Way Away
  167. Be Your Own Pet: Teenage Heaven
  168. Bibio, Olivier St. Louis & Alan Braxe: S.O.L.
  169. Bibio: Sorry (Won’t Cut It)
  170. Big Thief: Vampire Empire
  171. Bill Ryder-Jones: This Can’t Go On
  172. Billie Marten: I Bend To Him
  173. Billie Marten: Tongue
  174. Billie Marten: Willow
  175. Billy Nomates: Blue Bones (Deatwish)
  176. Birdy: Paradise Calling
  177. Birdy: Your Arms
  178. Black Country\, New Road: The Wrong Trousers – Live at Bush Hall
  179. Black Delta Movement, The: Fourth Pass Over Graveyard
  180. Black Nite Crash: Electric
  181. Black Pumas: Angel
  182. Black Pumas: Gemini Sun
  183. Blag Dahlia: Elementary Love Song
  184. Blonde Redhead: Before
  185. Blonde Redhead: Kiss Her Kiss Her
  186. Blonde Redhead: Melody Experiment
  187. Blonde Redhead: Sit Down for Dinner, Pt. 1
  188. Blonde Redhead: Sit Down for Dinner, Pt. 2
  189. Blonde Redhead: Via Savona
  190. Blondshell: It Wasn’t Love
  191. Blondshell: Joiner
  192. Blondshell: Tarmac 2
  193. Blue Aeroplanes, The: (An Unlikely Hit of) Adoration
  194. Bluebells, The: Anyone Could Be a Buzzcock
  195. Bluebells, The: Blue Train
  196. Bluebells, The: Disneyland and Rock ‘n’ Roll   
  197. Bluey: too dark
  198. BMX Bandits: Spinning Through Time
  199. Bob Marley & The Wailers, Ami Faku: Redemption Song
  200. Bobby Oroza, El Michels Affair: Losing It
  201. Bobby Oroza, El Michels Affair: Whatcha Know
  202. Bobby Rush: I Can’t Stand It
  203. BOKKA, Y.O.U.: TOS
  204. Bombay Bicycle Club, Damon Albarn: Heaven
  205. Bombay Bicycle Club: Turn The World On
  206. Bombino: Darfuq
  207. Bombino: Tazidert
  208. Bondax, Andreya Triana, JKriv: Energy
  209. Bonnie Prince Billy: Behold! Be Held!
  210. Bonnie Prince Billy: The March
  211. Bonnie Prince Billy: Willow, Pine and Oak
  212. Bonny Doon: Let There Be Music
  213. Bonny Doon: Naturally
  214. Bonny Light Horseman: Once on Another Day
  215. Boo Radleys, The: Sorrow (I just want to be free)
  216. Bored at My Grandmas House: Inhibitions
  217. BORNS: Suddenly
  218. boygenius, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus: Cool About It
  219. boygenius, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus: Emily I’m Sorry
  220. boygenius, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus: Letter To An Old Poet
  221. boygenius, Ye Vagabonds: The Parting Glass
  222. boygenius: Black Hole
  223. Boygenius: True Blue
  224. Boyish: Girls Are Mean
  225. Braids: Apple
  226. Breanna Barbara: Diamond Light
  227. Breathing Effect, quickly\, quickly, The: Guitars
  228. Breeders, The: Divine Mascis
  229. Brent Faiyaz: JACKIE BROWN
  230. Bria: By the Time I Get to Phoenix
  231. Bright & Findlay: When I Look into the World
  232. Brigid Mae Power: Dream From The Deep Well
  233. Brigitte Calls Me Baby: Palm of Your Hand
  234. Brigitte Calls Me Baby: The Future Is Our Way Out
  235. Brigitte Calls Me Baby: You Are Only Made Of Dreams
  236. Briston Maroney: Sunshine
  237. Buck Meek: Haunted Mountain
  238. Buck Meek: Where You’re Coming From
  239. Butcher Brown: No Way Around It
  240. Buzzy Lee: Cinderblock
  241. Caaaaseyyyy: 1965 heartbreaker
  242. Caitlin Rose: How Far Away (Bonus Version)
  243. Caitlin Rose: Johnny Velvet
  244. Calequi: SANDÍA
  245. carina: no use
  246. Carlota Flâneur: Lungs
  247. Carly Rae Jepsen: Psychedelic Switch
  248. Caroline Polacheck: I Believe
  249. Caroline Polacheck: Welcome to My Island
  250. Caroline Rose: Love Song For Myself
  251. Caroline Rose: Miami
  252. Caroline Rose: Tell Me What You Want
  253. CASISDEAD, LATER: Before This
  254. CASTLEBEAT: Something Else
  255. Cat Empire, The: Be With You Again
  256. Cat Power, Iggy Pop: Working Class Hero
  257. Cautious Clay, Julian Lage: Unfinished House
  258. Chancha Vía Circuito & Meridian Brothers: El pavo real
  259. Chappaqua Wrestling: Need You No More
  260. Charles Bradley, Menahan Street Band: I’ll Slip Away
  261. Charlie Cunningham: Same I Know
  262. Charlie Hickey: Time To Pretend
  263. Charlie Houston: All Night
  264. Charlotte Cornfield: Gentle Like The Drugs
  265. Chartreuse: Never To Be Real
  266. Chassol: I’m Not a Real Person   
  267. Chastity Belt: Hollow
  268. Chemical Brothers, Beck, The: Skipping Like A Stone (feat. Beck)
  269. Chemical Brothers, The: Darkness That You Fear – Harvest Mix
  270. Cherry Glazerr: Wild Times
  271. Chris Kage, Langhorne Slim: We Stand Free
  272. Chris Staples: Burnout Together
  273. Christian Kjellvander: Dream 2066
  274. Christine & The Queens: To Be Honest
  275. Christine and the Queens, 070 Shake: True love (feat. 070 Shake)
  276. Christine and the Queens: A day in the wáter
  277. Church, The: C’est la vie
  278. Church, The: Hypnogogue
  279. Church, The: I Think I Knew
  280. Church, The: Realm of Minor Angels
  281. Ciara Lea: FEEL IT
  282. Cigarettes After Sex: Bubblegum
  283. Cigarettes After Sex: Motion Picture Soundtrack
  284. Cindy Wilson: Delirious
  285. Civic: Blood Rushes
  286. Clark, Thom Yorke: Medicine
  287. Claud: A Good Thing
  288. Claud: Climbing Trees
  289. Cleo Sol: Self
  290. Cleo Sol: There Will Be No Crying
  291. Clientele, The: Blue Over Blue   
  292. Clientele, The: Claire’s Not Real
  293. Clientele, The: Fables of the Silverlink
  294. Clientele, The: Lady Grey
  295. Clientele, The: Village Is Always on Fire
  296. CMAT: Stay For Something
  297. Coby Sey: Kiss from a Rose
  298. Cody Lawless: Hold My Hand, Maria
  299. Colored Lights: Ashes
  300. Colouring: For You
  301. Complete Mountian Almanac: February
  302. Computerwife: Vacation
  303. Conchúr White: Rivers
  304. Constant Smiles: Gold Like Water
  305. Constant Smiles: In My Heart
  306. Constant Smiles: Run To Stay
  307. Coral, The: Oceans Apart
  308. Coral, The: Sinner
  309. Coral, The: Wild Bird
  310. Cornershop: Disco’s Main Squeeze   
  311. Cottonwood Firing Squad: the ocean that ate new york
  312. Courettes, The: Only Happy When You’re Gone
  313. Courettes, The: Strawberry Boy
  314. Courtney Barnett, Chastity Belt: Different Now
  315. Cowboy Junkies: Flood
  316. Creep Show: Bungalow   
  317. Crumb, Melody’s Echo Chamber: Le Temple Volant
  318. Curse of Lono: Steppin’ Out
  319. Cut Worms: Don’t Fade Out
  320. Cut Worms: I’ll Never Make It
  321. CVC: Docking the Pay
  322. CVC: Hail Mary
  323. CVC: Mademoiselle
  324. CVC: Music Sutff
  325. d4vd, Laufey: This Is How It Feels
  326. Daði Freyr: Trying
  327. Damien Jurado: Disliking the Spoons
  328. Damien Jurado: Get Ready to Come With Us
  329. Damien Jurado: I Cannot Want Such a Thing
  330. Damien Jurado: Song for Catherine Kerkow
  331. Dan Auerbach: Every Chance I Get (I Want You In The Flesh)
  332. Dan Croll: Fools
  333. Dan Croll: Friend Of Mine
  334. Dan Croll: Slip Away   
  335. Dan Croll: Sunshine
  336. Dan Croll: Talk To You
  337. Daniel Caesar: Cool
  338. Daniel Norgren: Your Love
  339. Daniel Wylie: Fake Your Own Death
  340. Daniel Wylie: Make a Sound
  341. Danielle Haim: Till We Meet Again – From «A Small Light:  Episode 1»
  342. Danielle Ponder: Roll The Credits   
  343. Danielle Ponder: Spiraling
  344. Daughter: Be On Your Way
  345. Daughter: Party
  346. Daughter: Swim Back
  347. David Bowie: China Girl (Cinemix Remix)
  348. David Brewis: Start Over
  349. David Byrne & Yo La Tengo: Who Has Seen the Wind?
  350. David Holmes, Raven Violet: It’s Over, If We Run Out Of Love
  351. David Holmes, Raven Violet: Yeah x 3
  352. David Kushner: Elk Grove
  353. Dawn Brothers & DeWolff: I’m Gone
  354. Dawn Brothers & DeWolff: What Kind of Woman
  355. Dawn Brothers, DeWolff: Neighbor
  356. Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips: The Cloud Is Coming
  357. deary: Fairground
  358. Death Cab for Cutie: I Miss Strangers – Acoustic
  359. Decisive Pink, Kate NV, Deradoorian: Ode to Boy
  360. Deeper: Build a Bridge
  361. Deerhoof: Wedding, March, Flower
  362. Dekker: Back and Forth
  363. Del Water Gap: All We Ever Do Is Talk
  364. Delines, The: Golden State
  365. Delmer Darion, Anna B Savage: White Dawn Fog
  366. Delv!s: Walk Alone Track
  367. Dengue Fever: Touch Me Not
  368. Dennis Schocket: I Forgive It All
  369. Depeche Mode: My Cosmos Is Mine
  370. Desire Marea: If You Know
  371. Desire: I Have Seen Enough
  372. dEUS: 1989
  373. Devon Gilfillian: Right Kind Of Crazy
  374. Devon Ross: Swim
  375. DeWolff: Night Train
  376. DeWollf: Heart Stopping Kinda Show
  377. Dexys, Dexys Midnight Runners: I’m Going To Get Free
  378. Dexys, Dexys Midnight Runners: It’s Alright Kevin (Manhood 2023)
  379. Dexys, Dexys Midnight Runners: The Feminine Divine
  380. DeYarmond Edison: Bones
  381. DeYarmond Edison: Dead Anchor
  382. DeYarmond Edison: Dusty Road, So Kind
  383. DeYarmond Edison: Silent Signs
  384. DeYarmond Edison: Time to Know
  385. Die Katapult: Waschmaschine   
  386. Dina Ögon: Mormor
  387. Diners: Wisdom
  388. Dirty Nice: This Is Gonna Hurt
  389. Django Django & Isabelle Woodhouse: Lunar Vibrations
  390. Doja Cat: Balut
  391. Dominique A: Chaque enfant dans son monde
  392. Dot Allison, Andy Bell: Unchanged – Edit
  393. Dot Allison, Zoë Bestel: Bleached By The Sun
  394. Drake, SZA: Slime You Out (feat. SZA)
  395. Drop Nineteens: Another One Another
  396. Drop Nineteens: Scapa Flow
  397. Drop Nineteens: The Price Was High
  398. Dropkick Murphys: Bring It Home (feat. Jaime Wyatt)
  399. Dropkick Murphys: I Know How It Feels
  400. Dropkick: Ahead of My Time   
  401. Dropkick: No Difference
  402. Dropkick: Telephone
  403. Dropkick: Wouldn’t Know Why
  404. Drums, The: Better
  405. Drums, The: The Flowers
  406. Drums, The: I Want It All
  407. Drums, The: Obvious
  408. Ducks Ltd.: The Main Thing
  409. Durand Jones: Gerri Marie
  410. Durand Jones: That Feeling
  411. Durand Jones: Wait Til I Get Over
  412. Dutch Uncles: Damascenes
  413. Dutch Uncles: Deep End
  414. Dylan LeBlanc: Coyote
  415. Dylan LeBlanc: Wicked Kind
  416. Early James, Sierra Ferrell: Real Low Down Lonesome
  417. Early James: Pigsty
  418. Eartheater: Salt of the Earth – H2ome
  419. Ed Harcourt: Strange Beauty
  420. Ed Motta: Slumberland
  421. Ed Ryan: Lighthouse
  422. Ed Ryan: You Keep Me Up All Night   
  423. Eddie Chacon: Haunted Memories
  424. Eddie Chacon: Holy Hell   
  425. El Mató a un Policía Motorizado: Coronado
  426. El Mató a un Policí­a Motorizado: Diamante Roto
  427. El Mató a un Policía Motorizado: Moderato
  428. El Michels Affair: Glorious Game
  429. El Michels Affair: Protocol   
  430. El Perro del Mar: In Silence
  431. Elanor Moss: Catholic
  432. Elephanz, Clou: Mexico
  433. Eliza: Midnight Rose
  434. Elliott Fullam: You Are Worthless
  435. Eloise: Drunk on a Flight
  436. Eluvium: Void Manifest
  437. Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach: You Can Have Her
  438. Emeli Sandé: Like I Loved You
  439. Emeli Sandé: One Of These Things First
  440. Emilíana Torrini, The Colorist Orchestra: Racing The Storm
  441. Emilíana Torrini, The Colorist Orchestra: Smoke Trails
  442. Emily Kokal, Miya Folick: North American Scum
  443. En Attendant Ana: Wonder
  444. ERNIE: Caught in the Rain
  445. ERNIE: Hold Yr Horses
  446. Erny Belle: C’est La Vie
  447. Esben and the Witch: True Mirror
  448. Esther Rose, Hurray For The Riff Raff: Safe to Run
  449. Esther Rose: Dream Girl
  450. Esther Rose: New Magic II   
  451. Esther Rose: St. Francis Waltz
  452. Etta Marcus: Little Wing
  453. Everything But The Girl: Caution to the Wind
  454. Everything But The Girl: Karaoke
  455. Everything But The Girl: Lost
  456. Everything But The Girl: Run A Red Light
  457. Evntyd: Quotidian
  458. Exsonvaldes: Rien appris
  459. Eyedress, Mac DeMarco: The Dark Prince (feat. Mac DeMarco)
  460. Eyedress: Flowers & Chocolate
  461. Ezra Collective (& Fela Kuti): Lady
  462. Family Stereo: Matter
  463. Fat White Family: Religion for One
  464. Fatoumata Diawara: Massa Den
  465. Fatoumata Diawara: Nsera
  466. Fatoumata Diawara: Yada
  467. Faunas: Sally’s High Priestess
  468. Faye Webster: But Not Kiss
  469. Faye Webster: Lifetime
  470. Fazerdaze: Bigger
  471. Fazerdaze: Flood Into
  472. Feist: Borrow Trouble
  473. Feist: Forever Before
  474. Feist: Love Who We Are Meant To
  475. Feist: Of Womankind
  476. Fenne Lily: Half Finished
  477. Fenne Lily: Map of Japan
  478. Ferris & Sylvester: Mother,
  479. Field Medic: iwantthis2last!
  480. First Aid Kit: Everybody’s Got to Learn
  481. FLEECE: Do You Wanna Party
  482. Florence Pugh: The Best Part
  483. Flyte, Laura Marling: Tough Love
  484. Flywheel: Thieves
  485. Fontaines D.C.: Cello Song
  486. Foo Fighters: Hearing Voices
  487. Forest Claudette: Violence
  488. Four Tet: Three Drums
  489. Francisca Valenzuela: Ardiendo
  490. Frankie Rose: Anything
  491. Frankie Rose: Sleeping Night and Day
  492. Freak Heat Waves, Cindy Lee: In a Moment Divine
  493. Fred Again, The Streets & Dermot Kennedy: Mike
  494. French Cassettes: Baseball Bat
  495. Frog: Black on Black on Black
  496. Front Bottoms, The: Punching Bag
  497. Frost Children: Got Me By The Tail
  498. Fruit Bats: Sick of This Feeling
  499. Fruit Bats: Tacoma   
  500. Fruit Bats: We Used to Live Here
  501. Future Islands: The Tower
  502. Future Utopia & Kae Tempest: We Were We Still Are
  503. Future Utopia: This Time
  504. Fyoogs, The: Fly Away
  505. Gabriel da Rosa, Pedro Dom: Jasmim Parte 2
  506. Gabriel da Rosa: Cachaça
  507. Gabriels: Bloodline
  508. Gabriels: Glory
  509. Gabriels: Great Wind
  510. Gabriels: Innocence
  511. Gabriels: Offering
  512. Gabriels: Offering
  513. Gabriels: We Will Remember
  514. Galen & Paul, Galen Ayers, Paul Simonon: Esmeralda
  515. Galen & Paul, Galen Ayers, Paul Simonon: Hacia Arriba
  516. Gazz Coombes: Don’t Say It’s Over
  517. Geese: Killing My Borrowed Time
  518. Gem Club: Michael
  519. Gemma Ray: Come Oblivion
  520. Gemma Ray: I Am Not Who I Am
  521. Gemma Ray: No Love
  522. Generationals: Eutropius (Give Me Lies)
  523. Generationals: Radar Man
  524. Genesis Owusu: See Ya There
  525. Genesis Owusu: Stuck To The Fan
  526. Genesis Owusu: Tied Up!
  527. Gently Tender: True Colours
  528. George FitzGerald, Panda Bear: Passed Tense
  529. Georgia Gets By: Easier to Run
  530. Georgia Mooney: Break It Off
  531. Georgia Mooney: War Romance
  532. Georgia Mooney: What an Inconvenience
  533. Georgia Mooney: Winter Island
  534. Georgia: Give It Up For Love
  535. Georgia: Live Like We’re Dancing (Part II)
  536. Getdown Services: Get Back Jamie
  537. Ghost Woman: Alright Alright
  538. Ghouljaboy, Dent May: CONVICT LOVE HYDROCELL
  539. Gina Birch: Digging Down
  540. Gina Birch: I Will Never Wear Stillettos
  541. Giorgio Tuma, Clarissa Rustico: Creation Of My Ghosts
  542. Giorgio Tuma: Embracing Livia   
  543. Girl and Girl: All I See   
  544. Girl and Girl: Strangers (Fight Night)
  545. Girl Ray: Hold Tight
  546. Girl Ray: Love Is Enough
  547. Girl Ray: Tell Me
  548. Girl Ray: True Love
  549. Girl Ray: Up
  550. Girl Scout: Weirdo
  551. Glasser: Easy
  552. Glasser: Mass Love
  553. Glasser: Vine
  554. Glen Hansard: Sure As The Rain
  555. Glitter Party: time waits   
  556. Glüme & Rufus Wainwright: Main Character
  557. Gnoomes: Loops
  558. Go! Team, The: Sock it To Me
  559. Goat: Under No Nation
  560. Gold Lake: Traveller
  561. Golden Dregs, The: American Airlines
  562. Golden Dregs, The: Before We Fall From Grace
  563. Golden Dregs, The: Vista
  564. Gordi: Broke Scene
  565. Gorgon City, Julia Church: A Lot Like Heaven
  566. Gorgon City, Julia Church: Wreckage
  567. Gorillaz & Adeleye Omotayo: Silent Running
  568. Gorillaz: Baby Queen
  569. Gorillaz: Tarantula
  570. Grace Potter: Lady Vagabond
  571. Gracie Abrams: 405
  572. Gracie Abrams: Amelie
  573. Graham Parker & The Goldtops: Wicked Wit
  574. Grandaddy: My Little Skateboarding Problem
  575. Great Gable: Dancing Shoes
  576. Great Lake Swimmers: Moonlight, Stay Above
  577. Great Lake Swimmers: Promise Of Spring
  578. Great Lake Swimmers: Respect For All Living Things
  579. Great Lake Swimmers: Uncertain Country
  580. Great Lake Swimmers: When The Storm Has Passed
  581. Gred Dulli & Mark Lanegan: Girl from the Nort Country
  582. Gregory Alan Isakov: Feed Your Horses
  583. grentperez, Cavetown: When We Were Younger (feat. Cavetown)
  584. Gretel Hänlyn: Motorbkie
  585. Grian Chatten: All Of The People
  586. Grian Chatten: Bob’s Casino
  587. Grian Chatten: Fairlies
  588. GROUPLOVE: Cream
  589. GROUPLOVE: Tryin’
  590. Gruff Rhys: Amen
  591. Gruff Rhys: Celestial Candyfloss
  592. Guerilla Toss, Neu!: Zum Herz
  593. Guided By Voices: For the Home
  594. Guided By Voices: Puncher’s Parade
  595. Guided By Voices: Why Won’t You Kiss Me
  596. GUM: Would It Pain You to See?
  597. GUPPY: Texting & Driving
  598. Gus Dapperton, Benee: Don’t Let Me Down
  599. H. Hawkline: Empty Room
  600. H. Hawkline: Milk for Flowers
  601. H.C. McEntire: Rows of Clover
  602. Haiku Hands: Cool for You
  603. HAIM: Home
  604. Hand Habits: Private Life
  605. Hannah Georgas: Better Somehow
  606. Hannah Georgas: Home
  607. Hannah Jadagu: Say It Now
  608. Hannah Jadagu: Warning Sign
  609. Hatchie & Liam Benzvi: Rooftops
  610. Hayden: Miss Fort Erie
  611. Healy: Amber
  612. Heartworms: May I Comply
  613. Heartworms: Retributions of an Awful Life
  614. Heather Woods Broderick: Admiration
  615. Heavy Heavy, The: Desert Raven
  616. Heavy Heavy, The: Go Down River
  617. Heavy Heavy, The: Miles And Miles
  618. Heavy Heavy, The: Real Love Baby
  619. Heavy Heavy, The: Sleeping On Grassy Ground
  620. Heavy MakeUp: ALL THE TIME
  621. Helado Negro: LFO (Lupe Finds Oliveros)
  622. Hemlocke springs: enknee1
  623. hemlocke springs: sever the blight   
  624. Herman Düne: Going to the Everglades
  625. Herman Düne: My Home Is Nowhere Without You
  626. Herman Düne: O Sweet Thursday
  627. Herman Düne: The Rock
  628. Hermanos Gutiérrez, El Michels Affair, Jensine Benitez: Los Chicos Tristes
  629. Hifi Sean & David McAlmont: Diamond Dust
  630. Hifi Sean & David McAlmont: The Fever
  631. HighSchool: August 19
  632. Hiss Golden Messenger: Jesus Is Bored
  633. Hiss Golden Messenger: My Old Friends
  634. Hiss Golden Messenger: Shinbone
  635. Hiss Golden Messenger: The Wondering
  636. Hold Steady, The: Perdido
  637. Hold Steady, The: Understudies
  638. Holiday Ghosts: Vulture
  639. Holy Wave, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete: The Darkest Timeline
  640. Holy Wave: Cowprint
  641. Holy Wave: Hypervigilance
  642. Homeschool: Loving You To Death
  644. Honeywhip: Feel a Change Coming
  645. Hotline TNT: Stump
  646. Hozier: Anything But
  647. HUNNY, Motion City Soundtrack: ring in ur ear
  648. Hurray For The Riff Raff: LET HER IN THE SKY   
  649. Hurry: Beggin’ For You
  650. Hurry: Didn’t Have To Try
  651. Hurry: No Patience
  652. Hurry: The Punchline
  653. Ian Hunter: Bed Of Roses   
  654. IAN SWEET: Sucker
  655. IDLES: Grace
  656. Iguana Death Cult: I Just Want a House
  657. Immy Owusu: The World Is Here For You
  658. Indigo De Souza: Smog   
  659. Indigo De Souza: The Water   
  660. Iris DeMent: Nothin’ for the Dead
  661. Iris DeMent: Warriors of Love
  662. Ivan Neville: This Must Be The Place
  663. J Mascis: Can’t Believe We’re Here
  664. J Solomon: Home
  665. J.E. Sunde: Stop Caring
  666. Jaakko Eino Kalevi: Drifting Away
  667. Jack J: Foolish Man
  668. Jack Ladder: Home Alone
  669. Jah Wobble: I Am, I Am, I Am
  670. Jalen Ngonda: Come Around and Love Me
  671. Jalen Ngonda: Lost
  672. Jalen Ngonda: Rapture
  673. James Blake: If You Can Hear Me
  674. James Blake: Loading
  675. James Yorkston, Nina Persson & The Second Hand Orchestra: A Sweetness in You
  676. James Yorkston, Nina Persson & The Second Hand Orchestra: Hold out for Love
  677. James: Tomorrow – Orchestral Version
  678. Jamila Woods: Boomerang
  679. Jamila Woods: Bugs
  680. Jana Horn: The Way It Was
  681. Janelle Monáe, CKay, Seun Kuti, Egypt 80: Know Better (feat. CKay, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80)
  682. Janelle Monáe, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80: Float
  683. anelle Monáe: Lipstick Lover
  684. Janelle Monáe: Only Have Eyes 42
  685. Japanese House, The: Boyhood
  686. Japanese House, The: Sad to Breathe
  687. Jasper Tygner, Art School Girlfriend: Ready (feat. Art School Girlfriend)
  688. Jayda G: Meant To Be
  689. Jay-Jay Johanson: Finally
  690. Jay-Jay Johanson: Jeopardize
  691. Jay-Jay Johanson: Labyrinth
  692. Jay-Jay Johanson: Summer Night of Love
  693. Jay-Jay Johanson: The Stars Align   
  694. JD Clayton: This Old Guitar
  695. Jealous of the Birds: Morse Code
  696. Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project, Dave Gahan, The: Mother of Earth
  697. Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project, Nick Cave, Debbie Harry, The: On the Other Side
  698. Jelly Crystal: San Pedro
  699. Jen Cloher: My Witch
  700. Jenn Grant: All of This Time
  701. Jenny Lewis: Chain of Tears
  702. Jenny Lewis: Love Feel
  703. Jenny Lewis: Psychos
  704. Jenny O.: Prism
  705. Jeremy Dutcher: Ancestors Too Young
  706. Jeremy Dutcher: Skicinuwihkuk
  707. Jess Williamson: Hunter
  708. Jesse Tabish: Castro
  709. Jessie Ware: Begin Again
  710. Jessie Ware: Hello Love
  711. Jessie Ware: Pearls
  712. Jessie Ware: That! Feels Good!   
  713. Jessy Lanza: Midnight Ontario
  714. Jimmy Whispers: Stray Dogs
  715. Jitwam: poor man’s boy
  716. Joanna Sternberg: Mountains High
  717. Joanna: CE N’EST PAS SI GRAVE
  718. Jobi Riccio: Summer
  719. Jobi Riccio: Whiplash   
  720. Joel Sarakula: Pacifico Waves
  721. Joel Sarakula: Sun Goes Down
  722. Joesef: All Good
  723. Joesef: East End Coast
  724. Joesef: It’s Been a Little Heavy Lately
  725. Joesef: Joe
  726. John Andrews & The Yawns: Checks in the Mail
  727. John Cale: Moonstruck (Nico’s Song)
  728. John Cale: Noise of You
  729. Jolie Holland: Feet on the Ground
  730. Jon Batiste, Lana Del Rey: Life Lesson (feat. Lana Del Rey)
  731. Jon Batiste: Butterfly
  732. Jon Batiste: Calling Your Name
  733. Jon Batiste: White Space
  734. Jonathan Bree: When We Met
  735. Jonathan Leandoer96 & Frederik Valentin: Rivers of Another Town
  736. Jonathan Rado: For Who The Bell Tolls For
  737. Jonathan Wilson: Marzipan
  738. Jordan, The: You Don’t Even Know Me
  739. Jorja Smith: Try and fit in
  740. Joseph Malik, Capitol A, Darren Morris, Jo Wallace, Daniel Walls: Proxima Ebony
  741. Joseph Malik, Darren Morris, Jo Wallace, Digital Liquid, Otti Albietz: Trouble with a Capital T
  742. Josh Ritter: Honey I Do
  743. Josh Ritter: Horse No Rider
  744. Josh Rouse: The Model
  745. Joshy Soul: New Lover
  746. Josienne Clarke: Anyone But Me
  747. Jouska: Why’d You Leave Me in the Red?
  748. Joy Oladokun: Somebody Like Me   
  749. Joy, The: Heartbreaker
  750. Joyce Street: With the Music Soft and the Lights Down Low
  751. Juan Wauters, Frankie Cosmos: Modus Operandi
  752. Juan Wauters, Zoe Gotusso: Milanesa al Pan
  753. Juan Wauters: Nube Negra
  754. Juliana Hatfield: Secret Messages
  755. Juliana Hatfield: Showdown
  756. Julie Byrne, Laugh Cry Laugh: These Days
  757. Julie Byrne: Summer Glass   
  758. Julie Byrne: The Greater Wings
  759. Julie Byrne: Lighting Comes Up from the Ground
  760. Julieta Venegas: Siempre Volaré (En Tus Sueños)
  761. June McDoom: Babe, You Light Me Up
  762. June McDoom: Emerald River Dance
  763. Jungle, Channel Tres: I’ve Been In Love
  764. Jungle: Back On 74
  765. Juni Habel & Stian Skaaden: Drifting Pounds of the Train
  766. Juni Habel: Chicory
  767. Junip, Sharon Van Etten, José González, Tobias Winterkorn, Elias Araya: Line of Fire
  768. Június Meyvant: Payload
  769. Justin Vernon: easy
  770. Justin Vernon: hazelton
  771. JW Francis: Swooning
  772. Kacey Johansing: Old Friend
  773. Kacey Johansing: Year Away
  774. Kali Uchis: I Wish You Roses
  775. Kara Jackson: No Fun/Party
  776. Karen y Los Remedios: Flama Eterna
  777. Kassa Overall, Lil B, Shabazz Palaces, Francis and the Lights: Going Up
  778. Kate Bollinger: J’aime les filles
  779. Katie Gately: Scale
  780. Katie Gregson-MacLeod: September
  781. Katy J Pearson, Broadside Hacks: Willow’s Song (feat. Broadside Hacks)
  782. Katy Kirby: Party of the Century
  783. Kay Young, Ego Ella May: Woe Is Me
  784. Kay Young: Tempt Me Not
  785. Kay Young: The Way You Look at Me
  786. Keaton Henson: I’m Not There
  787. Keaton Henson: Late To You
  788. Kelela: Contact
  789. Kelela: Holier
  790. Kendra Morris: What Are You Waiting For
  791. Kennebec, Samuel T. Herring: Leaving the Canyons
  792. Kevin Drew: All Your Fails
  793. Kevin Drew: Out In The Fields
  794. Kevin Kaarl: mis compas tan aquí­
  795. Kevin Morby: A Song For Katie
  796. Kevin Morby: Five Easy Pieces Revisited
  797. Kevin Morby: Like a Flower
  798. Kevin Morby: This Is A Photograph II   
  799. Kevin Morby: Triumph
  800. Khruangbin: People Everywhere (Still Alive) – Live at Stubb’s
  801. Kibi James: fuerza
  802. Kills, The: Kingdom Come
  803. Kimbra & Ryan Lott: Foolish Thinking
  804. Kimbra: Save Me
  805. King Creosote: Blue Marbled Elm Trees
  806. King Creosote: It’s Sin That’s Got Its Hold Upon Us
  807. King Creosote: Susie Mullen
  808. King Hannah: Like A Prayer
  809. King Lazy Eye: HAHA
  810. King Tuff: Portrait of God
  811. Kristin Hersh: Dandelion
  812. Kurffew: Let Her Go
  813. Kurt Baker: In Love Alone
  814. Kurt Vile: Must Be Santa
  815. Kylie Minogue: Just Imagine
  816. La Femme: Aloha Baby
  817. La Sécurité: Serpent
  818. Lack Of Afro, Greg Blackman: Loving Arms
  819. Ladytron: Time’s Away
  820. Lael Neale: I Am The River
  821. Lael Neale: I’ll Be Your Star
  822. Lael Neale: In Verona
  823. Lael Neale: White T-Shirt
  824. Lake Street Dive: So Far Away
  825. Lana Del Rey, Father John Misty: Let The Light In (feat. Father John Misty)
  826. Lana del Rey: A&W
  827. Lana del Rey: Sweet
  828. Lana Del Rey: Take Me Home, Country Roads
  829. Land of Talk: Your Beautiful Self
  830. Lane Beckstrom, Macie Stewart, Paul Cherry: Two Birds
  831. Lanterns on the Lake: Real Life
  832. Lanterns on the Lake: String Theory
  833. Lapsley: Hotel Corridors
  834. Lapsley: Smoke and Fire
  835. Last Internationale, The: Edith Groove
  836. Last Internationale, The: Know Better
  837. Last Internationale, The: You Gotta Fight for Love
  838. Laufey: Beautiful Stranger
  839. Laufey: Bewitched
  840. Laufey: From The Start
  841. Laufey: Haunted
  842. Laufey: Promise
  843. Laura Groves, Sampha: D 4 N
  844. Laura Veirs: Up is a Nice Place to Be
  845. Laure Briard: Ne pas trop rester bleue
  846. Lauren Mayberry: Are You Awake?
  847. Lavender Diamond, Jim James: Real Life I Love You
  848. Lawson Hull: Canada ‘17
  849. Lawson Hull: Leaving
  850. Le Pain: Rachel Veut Danser
  851. Le Youth: I’ll Catch You
  852. Leah Senior: The Music That I Make
  853. Leisure Society, Brian Eno, The: Brave Are the Waves
  854. LEISURE: Above Me
  855. Leith Ross: To Learn
  856. Lemon Twigs, The: Born To Be Lonely
  857. Lemon Twigs, The: Corner of My Eye
  858. Lemon Twigs, The: In My Head
  859. Lemon Twigs, The: New To Me   
  860. Lemonheads, The: He’s on the Beach
  861. León Larregui: Su Majestad La Eternidad
  862. Lera Lynn & Aranaud Roy: The Garden
  863. Les Imprimés: Falling Away   
  864. Let’s Eat Grandma: From The Morning
  865. Levitants: Adelante
  866. Lewis OfMan, Empress Of: Highway
  867. Liam Bailey: Dance With Me
  868. Life: Our Love Is Growing
  869. Lilac Time, The: On Last Day Of Last Days Of Summer
  870. Lily-Rose Depp: World Class Sinner / I’m A Freak
  871. Limousine, Lucas Santtana: Foi Assim
  872. Lindsay Lou: Queen Of Time
  873. Lindstrøm: Syreen
  874. Linfa Kear: Warm
  875. Lisa O’Neill: Goodnight World
  876. Lisa O’Neill: Old Note
  877. Little Dragon, April + VISTA: Layers
  878. Little Dragon, Damon Albarn: Glow
  879. Little Dragon: Slugs of Love
  880. Little Simz: Angel
  881. Liv.e: Ghost
  882. Liv.e: Underground
  883. Liv.e: Wild Animals
  884. Liza Anne: Internet Depression
  885. Liza Anne: Utopian
  886. Lizzo & SZA: Special
  887. Lloyd Cole: On Pain
  888. Lloyd Cole: Wolves
  889. Locate S,1: Go Back To Disnee
  890. Loch Ness Mouse, The: Life in the Datsche
  891. Lol Tolhurst, Budgie, Jacknife Lee, Bobby Gillespie: Ghosted At Home (feat. Bobby Gillespie)
  892. Lol Tolhurst, Budgie, Jacknife Lee, James Murphy: Los Angeles
  893. LOMELI: Dawn Transfer
  894. Long Ryders, The: Elmer Gantry Is Alive And Well
  895. Long Ryders, The: Seasons Change
  896. Lonnie Holley & Bon Iver: Kindness Will Follow Your Tears
  897. Lonnie Holley & Michael Stipe: Oh Me, Oh My
  898. Lonnie Holley & Moor Mother: Earth Will Be There
  899. Lonnie Holley & Moor Mother: I Am a Part of the Wonder
  900. Lonnie Holley, Sharon Van Etten: None Of Us Have But A Little While
  901. Lonny: Comme la fin du monde
  902. Loren Kramar: Hollywood Blvd
  903. Loverman: Differences Aside
  904. Low Cut Connie: ARE YOU GONNA RUN?
  905. Low Hummer: Connected
  906. Low Island Forever Is Too Long
  907. Lucas Santanna: Sobre la memoria
  908. Lucinda Chua: Echo
  909. Lucinda Williams: Where The Song Will Find Me
  910. Lucy Morry: DIME POR QUÉ
  911. Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real, Lainey Wilson: More Than Friends (feat. Lainey Wilson)
  912. Lydia Loveless: Do the Right Thing
  913. Lydia Loveless: Feel
  914. Lydia Loveless: Runaway
  915. M. Ward, First Aid Kit: engine 5
  916. M. Ward, First Aid Kit: too young to die
  917. M. Ward: story of an artist
  918. M. Ward: supernatural thing
  919. M83, Kaela: Kool Nuit
  920. M83: Amnesia
  921. M83: Fantasy
  922. M83: Mirror
  923. M83: Oceans Niagara
  924. Mac DeMarco:  Proud True Toyota
  925. Mac DeMarco: Rockaway
  926. Mac DeMarco: Scarecrow   
  927. Macy Gray & The California Jet Club: Cop Killer
  928. Macy Gray & The California Jet Club: Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto
  929. Madeline Kenney: I Drew A Line
  930. Madeline Kenney: Reality Mind
  931. Madeline Kenney: Superficial Conversation
  932. Madison Cunningham: Inventing The Wheel
  933. Madison McFerrin: (Please Don’t) Leave Me Now
  934. Madison McFerrin: God Herself
  935. Madison McFerrin: Run
  936. Madison McFerrin: Testify
  937. Madness: Hour of Need
  938. Madness: Run For Your Life
  939. Majestiez, Nelo, T-Man SA, Goat, The: iDlozi
  940. Majid Jordan, Naomi Sharon: Waiting For You (feat. Naomi Sharon)
  941. Mamas Gun: Golden Days – At PizzaExpress Live
  942. Mamas Gun: I Need A Win – At PizzaExpress Live
  943. MAN ON MAN: Showgirls
  944. Manchester Orchestra: Capital Karma
  945. Mannequin Pussy: I Don’t Know You
  946. Maple Glider: You’re Still the One
  947. Maple Glider: You’re Gonna Be A Daddy
  948. Maraschino: Angelface
  949. Marci: KITY
  950. Margo Price, Ny Oh: Closer I Get [Feat. Nyoh]
  951. Margo Price: Black Wolf Blues
  952. Margo Price: Mind Travel
  953. Marika Hackman: No Caffeine
  954. Marika Hackman: Slime
  955. Marxiste Love Disco Ensemble: Manifesto
  956. Marxiste Love Disco Ensenble: Material
  957. Mary Jane Dunphe: Just Like Air
  958. Mary Jane Dunphe: Opening of a Field
  959. Matecki: Lokalna Ulica
  960. Matt Berry: Good Sport
  961. Matt Berry: Top Brass
  962. Maximiliano Calvo: Feng Shui
  963. Maybel: Long Road Ahead
  964. Mayer Hawthorne: For All Time
  965. Mayer Hawthorne: On The Floor
  966. Mayer Hawthorne: The Pool
  967. Meagre Martin: Amerika
  968. Meg Baird: Star Hill Song
  969. Meg Baird: Will You Follow Me Home?   
  970. Mega Fäuna: Blue
  971. Melanie De Biasio: Now Is Narrow
  972. Memory Of Jane: Left Alone
  973. Memory Of Jane: Loose Lines
  974. Memory Of Jane: So Pacific   
  975. Meshell Ndegeocello, Anaïs Maviel, Jeff Parker, Josh Johnson: The Atlantiques
  976. Meshell Ndegeocello, Brandee Younger, Julius Rodriguez: Virgo
  977. Meshell Ndegeocello, Brandee Younger, Mark Guiliana, Josh Johnson: Virgo 3
  978. Meshell Ndegeocello, Josh Johnson: Georgia Ave (feat. Josh Johnson)
  979. Meshell Ndegeocello, Thandiswa, Joel Ross: Vuma (feat. Thandiswa, Joel Ross)
  980. Metric: Just The Once
  981. Metric: Suckers
  982. Metro Boomin, James Blake: Hummingbird
  983. MICH: Burning Arms
  984. Michael Nau: Last I Looked – Bonus Track
  985. Michael Nau: Shiftshaping
  986. Michael Nau: Tiny Flakes
  987. Michelle: Glow
  988. Mick Harvey, Amanda Acevedo: Indian Summer
  989. Middle Kids: Highlands
  990. Midlake, John Grant: Roadrunner Blues
  991. Mike Lindsay, Guy Garvey: Saturday Sun
  992. Mike Viola: Paul McCarthy
  993. Mildlife: Musica
  994. Miles Kane: Baggio
  995. Miles Kane: Doubles
  996. Miles Kane: Time Of Your Life
  997. Mint Field: El Suspiro Cambia Todo
  998. Mint Field: Orquídea
  999. Mitski: Star
  1000. Miya Folic: Get Out of My House
  1001. Miya Folick: Bad Thing
  1002. Miya Folick: Cockroach
  1003. Miya Folick: Mommy
  1004. MJ Lenderman: Knockin
  1005. Mo Troper: For You To Sing
  1006. Moby & Lady Blackbird: Walk with Me
  1007. Moby, Brie O’Banion: we’re going wrong
  1008. Moby: Helpless: Resound NYC Version
  1009. Modern Cosmology, Laetitia Sadier, Mombojó: A Time To Blossom
  1010. Modern Cosmology: Trauma Release Makes Free
  1011. Molly Burch: Beauty Rest
  1012. Molly Burch: Tattoo
  1013. Molly Burch: Unconditional
  1014. Molly Lewis: Lounge Lizard
  1015. Molly Lewis: Nature Boy
  1016. Molly Parden: Dandy Blend
  1017. Mon Laferte: Tenochtitlán
  1018. Monica Martin: A Song for You
  1019. Monophonics & Kelly Finnigan: Warpaint
  1020. Monophonics, Kendra Morris: Untitled Visions
  1021. Montañera: Santa Mar
  1022. Montañera: Como una rama
  1023. Moon Panda: Tangerine Light
  1024. Moreis Idols: Nocturnal Creatures
  1025. Moreish Idols: Between these Ears
  1026. Morgan Harper-Jones: Forever For Now
  1027. MorMor: Dawn
  1028. Morning Yells, The: Natural Feel
  1029. MOSSS: Nothing Else
  1030. MOSSS: What Happens In Your Head?
  1031. Mother Hips, Tim Bluhm, Greg Loiacono, The: Leaving the Valley
  1032. Motorama: Another Chance
  1033. Motorama: Not Really
  1034. Motorama: Two Sunny Days
  1035. Mount Kimbie, Dom Maker & James Blake: Somehow She’s Still Here
  1036. Mountain Goats, The: Clean Slate
  1037. Mountain Goats, The: Cleaning Crew
  1038. Mountain Goats, The: Only One Way
  1039. Mozart Estate: Flanca for Mr Flowers
  1040. Mozart Estate: Honey
  1041. Mt. Desolation: Through Crooked Aim   
  1042. Murder Capital, The: Return My Head
  1043. Mutual Benefit: Little Ways
  1044. Mykki Blanco: Love Fell Down Around Me
  1045. Mylar: Dark
  1046. Mylar: Ghost of the Party
  1047. Myléne Farmer: L’Emprise
  1048. Mylène Farmer: Rallumer les étoiles
  1049. Mysterines, The: Begin Again
  1050. Nabihah Iqbal: This World Couldn’t See Us
  1051. Naomi Sharon: Celestial
  1052. Naomi Sharon: Definition of Love
  1053. Natalie Merchant, Abena Koomson-Davis: Big Girls (feat. Abena Koomson-Davis)
  1054. Natalie Merchant, Abena Koomson-Davis: Come on, Aphrodite
  1055. Natalie Merchant: Narcissus
  1056. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats: Buy My Round
  1057. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats: Suffer Me
  1058. Nation of Language: Sole Obsession
  1059. Nation of Language: Stumbling Still
  1060. Nation of Language: Too Much, Enough
  1061. National Honor Society, The: Control
  1062. National Honor Society, The: Jacqueline
  1063. National Honor Society, The: Used to Be   
  1064. National, Sufjan Stevens, The: Once Upon A Poolside (feat. Sufjan Stevens)
  1065. National, The: Alien   
  1066. National, The: Deep End (Paul’s in Pieces)
  1067. National, The: Eucalyptus
  1068. National, The: Smoke Detector
  1069. National, The: Space Invader
  1070. National, The: Tropic Morning News
  1071. National, The: Turn off the House
  1072. Natvral, The: Summer of Hell
  1073. NEIL FRANCES: Standing My Ground
  1074. Nell Mescal: Homesick
  1075. néomí­: garden
  1076. néomí: your girl
  1077. Neuman: Recovered Files
  1078. New German Cinema: Being Dead
  1079. New Pornographers, The: Angelcover
  1080. New Pornographers, The: Continue as a Guest
  1081. New Pornographers, The: Really Really Light
  1082. New Visionaries, Hannah Williams: Summer Rain
  1083. New Visionaries, Joel Sarakula: Desert Disco Nights
  1084. Nicholas Allbrook: Round Round the Moon and All
  1085. Nick Cave, Debbie Harry: On the Other Side
  1086. Nick Cave, Warren Ellis: L’apparition/We Are Not Alone
  1087. Nick Waterhouse: Hide And Seek   
  1088. Nick Waterhouse: Late in the Garden
  1089. Nick Waterhouse: Play to Win
  1090. Nicki Minaj: Last Time I Saw You
  1091. Nicki Nicole: Se va 1 llegan 2
  1092. Nicki Nicole: Ya No
  1093. Nico Paulo: Time
  1094. Nicole Atkins & Jim Sclavunos: A Man Like Me
  1095. Night Beats: Morocco Blues
  1096. Night Beats: Nightmare
  1097. Nightbus: Way Past Three
  1098. Nina Kinert: America
  1099. No Ones, The: The After Party
  1100. No Ones, The: Blue Cheer Captain
  1101. No Ones, The: One Night At Fillmore
  1102. No Ones, The: Phil Ochs is Dead
  1103. No Ones, The: Time Sent Lewis
  1104. Noah Kahan, Hozier: Northern Attitude
  1105. Noah Yorke: Lucky Black Cat
  1106. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds: Council Skies
  1107. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds: Pretty Boy
  1108. Noname, Jimetta Rose, Voices of Creation: Hold me down
  1109. Norah Jones & Jeff Tweedy: Muzzle of Bees
  1110. Norah Jones, Emily King: Bad Memory
  1111. Norah Jones, M. Ward: Lifeline
  1112. NoSo: Kaitlin
  1113. notcharles, Samuel T. Herring: From Here, To You
  1114. Nothing But Thieves: Tomorrow Is Closed
  1115. Nude Party, The: Hard Times (All Around)
  1116. Number Red, The: Beautiful Human
  1117. ODESZA, Yellow House, Preston.: Waiting Forever
  1118. Oh Land: Deep Sleep
  1119. Oisin Leech, M. Ward, Tony Garnier, Steve Gunn: October Sun
  1120. Old Crow Medicine Show, Mavis Staples: One Drop
  1121. Ole Johannes Åleskjær: Waterways
  1122. Olivia Dean: I Could Be A Florist
  1123. Olivia Rodrigo: pretty isn’t pretty
  1124. One True Pairing: Frozen Food Centre
  1125. Oracle Sisters: RBH
  1126. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: Anthropocene
  1127. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: Aphrodite’s Favourite Child
  1128. Orions Belte: Silhouettes
  1129. Orville Peck: Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each
  1130. Oscar Lang: Everything Unspoken
  1131. Oslo Twins: Back To Nothing
  1132. Overmono: Good Lies
  1133. Owen Pallett: Hard to Explain
  1134. Owen Pallett: The Butcher
  1135. Pacifica: Change Your Mind
  1136. Pacifica: With Or Without You
  1137. Pal: A Different Corner
  1138. Palace: When Everything Was Lost
  1139. Pale Blue Eyes: Million Times Over
  1140. Pale Blue Eyes: More
  1141. Pale Blue Eyes: Reason
  1142. Pale Blue Eyes: Simmering
  1143. Pale Blue Eyes: Sister
  1144. Palehound: Independence Day
  1145. Pantha Du Prince, Deakin: Liquid Lights
  1146. Paper Kites, The: I Don’t Want to Go That Way
  1147. Paper Kites, The: Pocket Full of Rain
  1148. Paramore, Romy: Liar
  1149. Paramore: Big Man, Little Dignity
  1150. Paris Texas: Lana Del Rey
  1151. Park, Niia, Rob Moose, The: All That I Have
  1152. Paul Cherry, Kate Bollinger: Playroom (feat. Kate Bollinger)
  1153. Pecas: BEAUTIFUL
  1154. Pedro Rosa: Samba de um balaio
  1155. Peel Dream Magazine: Hell
  1156. Percy Mays: Changes
  1157. Pet Shop Boys: Living in the past
  1158. Peter Bibby: The One
  1159. Peter Gabriel: Love Can Heal – Bright-Side Mix
  1160. Peter Gabriel: Playing For Time (Bright-Side Mix)
  1161. Peter Gabriel: Road to Joy (Bright-Side Mix)
  1162. Peter Gabriel: So Much – Bright-Side Mix
  1163. Peter Gabriel: This Is Home (Bright-Side Mix)
  1164. Philip Selway: Picking up Pieces
  1165. Phoenix, Clairo: After Midnight
  1166. Phosphorescent: Corpus Christi Bay
  1167. Pip Blom: Not Tonight
  1168. PJ Harvey: A Child’s Question, August   
  1169. PJ Harvey: I Inside the Old I Dying
  1170. Poolside, Ben Browning: Ride With You
  1171. Poolside: Moonlight
  1172. Pop Filter: Heaven Sent
  1173. Post Malone: Buyer Beware
  1174. Post Malone: Chemical
  1175. Prince: Alice Through the Looking Glass
  1176. Prince: Gangster Glam
  1177. Prince: Get Blue
  1178. Prince: My Tender Heart
  1179. Prince: Something Funky (This House Comes)
  1180. Prince: Willing and Able – Live at Glam Slam, Minneapolis, MN, 1/11/1992
  1181. Public Image Ltd.: Being Stupid Again
  1182. Public Service Broadcasting, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Jules Buckley: Broadcasting House – Live
  1183. Puma Blue: Hounds
  1184. Puma Blue: O, The Blood!
  1185. Puma Blue: Pretty
  1186. Purple Disco Machine, Duke Dumont, Braxe + Falcon, Nothing But Thieves: Something On My Mind
  1188. Quantic, Andreya Triana: Morning Light
  1189. Quantic, Andreya Triana: Run (feat. Andreya Triana)
  1190. Quantic: Stand Up
  1191. Quantic: Subway Lover
  1192. quickly\, quickly: Satellite
  1193. Quint Starkie: Hollywood
  1194. R. Missing: My Time As a Ghostly Someone Else
  1195. Radio Field, Mimi Welldirty, The: She Needs Therapy – Fuzzy Album Mix
  1196. Radio Field, Phantom Handshakes, The: Other One
  1197. Radio Field, Stefanie Schrank, The: Clover
  1198. Radio Field, The: Years Ago
  1199. Radio Palmer: Los Santos Inocentes
  1200. Rahill, Peanut Butter Wolf: Gone Astray
  1201. Rahill: Growing Pain
  1202. Rain Parade, The: Bring You Back
  1203. Rain Parade, The: Sundays Almost Gone
  1204. Ralph Castelli: Iris and I
  1205. Ratboys: The Window
  1206. Ray Bull: Know By Now
  1207. Raze Regal & White Denim Inc., White Denim: Tivoli
  1208. Real Estate: Water Underground
  1209. Red Rum Club: Godless
  1210. Reds, Pinks and Purples, The: Life in the Void
  1211. Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter: ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE GOING TO HELL
  1212. Rhiannon Giddens: Another Wasted Life
  1213. Rhye: A Quiet Voice
  1214. Rhye: Not Dying In Me
  1215. Rhythm Method, The: Have A Go Heroes
  1216. Richard Hawley: Not the Only Road
  1217. Rick Treffers, Bárbara Blasco: Au bord de la route
  1218. Rickie Lee Jones: All the Way
  1219. Rickie Lee Jones: Here’s That Rainy Day
  1220. Rigmor: Alt det du gør
  1221. Rills, The: Falling Apart
  1222. Rio 18, Young Gun Silver Fox, Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18: She’s in L.A.
  1223. Rob Grant, Lana Del Rey: Hollywood Bowl
  1224. Rob Grant, Lana Del Rey: Lost at Sea
  1225. Rob Moose, Bon Iver: Marvel Room (feat. Bon Iver)
  1226. Rob Moose, Phoebe Bridgers: Wasted (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
  1227. Rob Moose, Sara Bareilles: Extract (feat. Sara Bareilles)
  1228. Rob, Jack Lahana, Sébastien Tellier: Amoureux
  1229. Rob: Amoureux   
  1230. Robert Finley: Alligator Bait
  1231. Robert Finley: Gospel Blues
  1232. Rodrigo y Gabriela: The Eye That Catches The Dream   
  1233. Roge: Existe uma voz
  1234. Roge: Mistério da raça
  1235. Róisín Murphy, DJ Koze: CooCool
  1236. Róisí­n Murphy, DJ Koze: Fader – Edit
  1237. Róisín Murphy, DJ Koze: Free Will
  1238. Róisín Murphy, DJ Koze: The House
  1239. Róisín Murphy, DJ Koze: You Knew
  1240. Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, The: Sweet Sounds Of Heaven (feat. Lady Gaga & Stevie Wonder)
  1241. Romy: Loveher
  1242. Romy: The Sea
  1243. Ron Sexsmith: Outdated and Antiquated
  1244. Ron Sexsmith: Place Called Love
  1245. Ron Sexsmith: When Our Love Was New
  1246. Roosevelt: Ordinary Love
  1247. Royel Otis: Fried Rice
  1248. Royel Otis: Going Kokomo
  1249. Royel Otis: I Wanna Dance with You
  1250. Rozi Plain: Help
  1251. Rozi Plain: Painted the Room
  1252. Rubblebucket: Geometry
  1253. Rufus Wainwright, ANOHNI: Going to a Town
  1254. Rufus Wainwright, Brandi Carlile: Down in the Willow Garden (feat. Brandi Carlile)
  1255. Rufus Wainwright: A Bit Of You
  1256. Rufus Wainwright: St. James Infirmary
  1257. Rural Alberta Advantage, The: Conductors
  1258. Russian Linesman, Marta Hagen: She Will Forever Be Known As The Chanteuse Of The Stars
  1259. Ruth Radelet: Leaving the Table
  1260. Ruth Radelet: Shoot Me Down
  1261. Ruti: Luh Luh Love
  1262. RVG: Common Ground
  1263. RVG: Squid
  1264. Ryan Downey: Big Zero
  1265. S.G. Goodman: All My Love Is Coming Back to me
  1266. S.G. Goodman: Take It Away: Pt. B   
  1267. Sabrina Song, Different Hits: Linger
  1268. Salvador Sobral: amor a capela
  1269. Sam Blasucci: Turn Yourself Around
  1270. Sam Burton: Long Way Around
  1271. Sam Burton: Looking Back Again
  1272. Sam Burton: Maria
  1273. Sam Burton: My Love
  1274. Sam Evian: Life Go Low
  1275. Sampha: Jonathan L. Seagull
  1276. Sara Zozaya: Misty
  1277. Sarabeth Tucek: 13th St. #1
  1278. Sarabeth Tucek: Joan Says / Amber Shade
  1279. Sarah Jarosz: Columbus & 89th
  1280. Sarah Kinsley: Black Horse
  1281. Sarah McCoy: La Fenêtre
  1282. Sarah McCoy: Long Way Home
  1283. Sarah McCoy: Sorry For You
  1284. Savannah Conley: More than Fine
  1285. Say She She: Don’t You Dare Stop
  1286. Say She She: Find A Way
  1287. Say She She: Never Say Never
  1288. Say She She: NORMA
  1289. Say She She: Questions
  1290. Say She She: Silver
  1291. Say She She: The Water
  1293. SBTRKT: No Intention   
  1294. School, The: Shouldn’t Be Alone For Christmas
  1295. Scott McMicken and THE EVER-EXPANDING: Diamonds In The Snow
  1296. ScubaZ: Blue Cement Factory
  1297. Seaming To: Tousles
  1298. Searows: Funny
  1299. Selina Gin: Default Setting
  1300. Serebii: Really You
  1301. Sextones, The: The Other Side
  1302. Sextones, The: Without You
  1303. SG Lewis & Charlotte Day Wilson & Channel 3: Fever Dreamer
  1304. Shabazz Palaces, Lavarr the Starr: Cinnamon Bun
  1305. Shame: All the People
  1306. Shame: Six-Pack
  1307. Shana Cleveland: A Ghost
  1308. Shannon Lay: Angeles
  1309. Shannon Lay: From the Morning
  1310. Share: Love My Way
  1311. Shins & Peter Bjron and John, The: Australia
  1312. Siddhartha, Emmanuel Horvilleur: Acapulco
  1313. Sigur Rós: Blóðberg
  1314. Sigur Rós: Gold
  1315. Silvana Estrada: Milagro y Desastre
  1316. Silver Cup: Bizarre Love Triangle
  1317. Silveräpplen, Feivel: The City, The Valley, The Lake
  1318. Sinkane, Tru Osborne: Everything is Everything
  1322. Siv Jakobsen: Bad by Design
  1323. Skinshape: Amnesia
  1324. Skydaddy: His Masterpiece
  1325. Sleaford Mods: Face 10 from Navarone
  1326. Sleaford Mods: West End Girls
  1327. Sleater-Kinney: Hell
  1328. Slow Show, The: Lament
  1329. Slow Show, The: Learning To Dance
  1330. Slowdive: Alfie
  1331. Slowdive: andalucia plays
  1332. Slowdive: kisses
  1333. Sluice: Centurion
  1334. Small Forward: best friend
  1335. Smile, The: Bending Hectic
  1336. Smokey Angle Shades: And You Tied A Ribbon On It
  1337. SnarskiCircusLindyBand: Since I Slept With You Everybody Wants To Sleep With Me
  1338. Sofia Kourtesis: How Music Makes You Feel Better
  1339. Soft Pink Truth, The: La joie devant la mort
  1340. soft siren: 4am
  1341. Son Lux, Anna B Savage, DM Stith: Pyre (Alarm Bells)
  1342. Son Lux: Undertow
  1343. Sondre Lerche, Daniela Reyes, Bugge Wesseltoft: Tiden det tar å snu
  1344. Sondre Lerche, Jonas Hamre, Elisabeth Lid Trøen, Aksel Røed: Special Needs (Live from Avatars Of Love In The Dead Of The Night)
  1345. Sondre Lerche, Volve Vokal: Magnitude Of Love
  1346. Sondre Lerche: Bad Liar
  1347. Sondre Lerche: Into You
  1348. Sondre Lerche: Kiss Me More
  1349. Sondre Lerche: Sunset Tower In The Rain
  1350. Sondre Lerche: The Most Savage Joke
  1351. Sonny & The Sunsets: E.S.P.
  1352. Sonny & The Sunsets: Signs
  1353. Sophia Veraz: Felt Like Hell
  1354. Sorry Girls: Other Side
  1355. Sorry Girls: Prettier Things
  1356. Sorry Girls: Sorcery
  1357. Sorry Girls: The Wait
  1358. Sparklehorse: The Scull of Lucia
  1359. Sparks: A Love Story
  1360. Sparks: Take Me For A Ride
  1361. Sparks: This Girl Is Crying in Her Latte
  1362. Sparks: You Were Meant For Me
  1363. Spector: Another Life
  1364. Speelburg: When You Want Me – noah’s version
  1365. SPELLLING: Always
  1366. Spencer Cullum: Could We, Canvey
  1367. Split System: Alone Again
  1368. Spoon: Silver Girl
  1369. Sprints: Literary Mind
  1370. Squid: Swing (In A Dream)
  1371. St. Paul & The Broken Bones: Chelsea
  1372. Stella Donnelly: Lungs
  1373. Stephen Sanchez: Be More
  1374. Stephen Sanchez: Evangeline
  1375. Stephen Steinbrink: Addicted to a Dream
  1376. Steve Gunn, Bridget St John: Rabbit Hills
  1377. Steve Mason: Brixton Fish Fry
  1378. Steve Mason: The People Say
  1379. Steven Wilson: Economies of Scale
  1380. Stone Foundation, Melba Moore: Now That You Want Me Back
  1381. Storefront Church & Circuit des Yeux: Pure Imagination
  1382. STRABE: Honey
  1383. Streets, The: Bright Sunny Day
  1384. Suede: Still Waiting
  1385. Suede: The Prey
  1386. Suede: You Don’t Know Me
  1387. Sufjan Stevens: A Running Start
  1388. Sufjan Stevens: My Red Little Fox
  1389. Sufjan Stevens: So You Are Tired
  1390. Sufjan Stevens: Will Anybody Ever Love Me?
  1391. Suki Waterhouse, Belle and Sebastian: Every Day’s A Lesson In Humility
  1392. Summer Salt: Campanita
  1393. Summertimes, The: My Beautiful Girl Harbour
  1394. Summertimes, The: Sky and the Sea
  1395. Sun June: John Prine
  1396. Sun June: Mixed Bag
  1397. Sun Kil Moon: Black Perch
  1398. Sunlit: Break My Heart
  1399. Sunny War: His Love
  1400. Sunny War: Whole
  1401. SunYears, Jess Williamson: Come Fetch My Soul!
  1402. SunYears, Ron Sexsmith: Granddad’s Song
  1403. Superchunk: In Between Days
  1404. Supershy, Tom Misch, Roberta Flack: Feel Like Makin’ Love (feat. Roberta Flack)
  1405. Supershy, Tom Misch: Something On My Mind – Edit
  1406. Superviolet: Blue Bower
  1407. Superviolet: Dream Dating
  1408. Superviolet: Locket
  1409. Superviolet: Wave Back   
  1410. Superviolet: waver
  1411. Susanna Hoffs: Only You
  1412. Susanne Sundfør: alyosha   
  1413. Susanne Sundfør: fare thee well
  1414. Susanne Sundfør: náttsǫngr
  1415. Susanne Sundfør: rūnā
  1416. Suzi Quatro, KT Tunstall: Damage
  1417. Suzi Quatro, KT Tunstall: Illusion
  1418. Swamp Dogg, John C. Reilly, Jenny Lewis, Tim Heidecker: The Kneeling Drunkard’s Plea
  1419. Swiss Portrait: Before
  1420. Sylvester: God Bless The Child
  1421. Syml: Chariot
  1422. SZA: Snooze
  1423. Tallest Man on Earth, The: Henry St.
  1424. Tallest Man On Earth, The: Italy
  1425. Tallest Man On Earth, The: Say What You Will – Spotify Singles
  1426. Tamar Berk: i was saved by the beauty in the world
  1427. Tanaka: Starlight
  1428. Tanlines: Burns Effect
  1429. Tapir!: Gymnopédie
  1430. Tapir!: My God
  1431. Tapir!: On A Grassy Knoll (We’ll Bow Together)
  1432. Te vi en un planetario: la danza de las brujas
  1433. Tedo Stone: Hard Rock Cruise
  1434. Teenage Fanclub: Back To The Light
  1435. Teezo Touchdown: Impossible
  1436. Tele Novella: The Unicorn
  1437. Temple of Angels: Tangled in Joy
  1438. Temples: Afterlife
  1439. Temples: Cicada
  1440. Tennis: Forbidden Doors
  1441. Tennis: Let’s Make a Mistake Tonight
  1442. Tennis: One Night with the Valet
  1443. Tennis: Pillow for a Cloud
  1444. Teskey Brothers, The: Blind Without You
  1445. Teskey Brothers, The: Oceans Of Emotions
  1446. Teskey Brothers, The: Take My Heart
  1447. Thandi: Give Me a Smile
  1448. thanks for coming: Loop
  1449. Thea Gilmore: Home
  1450. Thea Gilmore: She Speaks in Colours
  1451. Thee Marloes: Midnight Hotline
  1452. There Will Be Fireworks: Bedroom Door
  1453. This Is The Kit: More Change
  1454. This Is The Kit: Scabby Head and Legs
  1455. This Is The Kit: Stuck In A Room
  1456. Thomas Walsh: A Good Day For Me
  1457. Thomas Walsh: All This Hurt
  1458. Thomas Walsh: Everyone Back In The Water
  1459. Tim Easton: Not Cool
  1460. Timber Timbre: Ask The Community
  1461. Tinariwen, Wes Corbett: Kek Alghalm
  1462. Tinariwen: He Layla – Bonus Track
  1463. Tinariwen: Tidjit
  1464. Tinashe: Gravity
  1465. Tirzah: F22
  1466. tofusmell: Basil Noodles
  1467. TORIA: Touch Me
  1468. Traams & Soffie Viemose: Sleeper
  1469. trentemøller: Cops on Our Tail   
  1470. Trevor Beales: City Lights
  1471. Trevor Horn, Lady Blackbird: Slave To The Rhythm
  1472. Trust Fund & Radiant Heart: Capital
  1473. Truth Club: It’s Time
  1474. TTSSFU: I Hope You Die
  1475. Tubs, The: Sniveller
  1476. Tubs, The: Wretched Lie
  1477. U.S. Girls, Bootsy Collins: Superstar
  1478. U.S. Girls: Bless this Mess
  1479. U.S. Girls: Tux (Your Body Fills Me, Boo)
  1480. ULI & Ariel Pink: Not Afraid
  1481. Uma, SALPA: Send Me Off
  1482. Underground Youth, The: Another Country
  1483. Underground Youth, The: I Thought I Understood
  1484. Underworld: denver luna
  1485. Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Nadja
  1486. Unloved: Polychrome
  1487. US Rails: Can’t Let It Go
  1488. V/Z, Valentina Magaletti, Zongamin, Cathy Lucas: Habadash
  1489. Vacant Lots, The: Paradise
  1490. Vaccines, The: Love To Walk Away
  1491. Vaccines, The: Lunar Eclipse
  1492. Vaccines, The: Sometimes, I Swear
  1493. Vagabon: Anti-Fuck
  1494. Valley Boy: I Met God
  1495. Van Morrison: Green Rocky Road
  1496. Van Morrison: Red Sails In The Sunset
  1497. Van Morrison: This Loving Light of Mine
  1498. Van Morrison: Worried Man Blues
  1499. Van Pelt, The: Grid
  1500. Vanity Mirror: A Fool With An Applecart
  1501. Vanity Mirror: Tuesday’s News
  1502. Vashti Bunyan, Devendra Banhart: How Could You Let Me Go
  1503. Vegyn, Lauren Auder: Halo Flip
  1504. Vera Sola: The Line
  1505. Vicente Garcia: Fucking Frenesí
  1506. Video Age: Better Than Ever
  1507. Video Age: How Long’s Eternity?
  1508. View, The: Woman of the Year
  1509. Viji: Sedative
  1510. Voom & Fazerdaze: Magic
  1511. Waeve, The: Undine
  1512. War and Treaty, The: A Sunday Kind Of Love
  1513. War and Treaty, The: Ain’t No Harmin’ Me
  1514. War and Treaty, The: Best That I Have
  1515. War and Treaty, The: Stretch Out
  1516. Warm Sound: Infinity Eye
  1517. Water from Your Eyes: Barley
  1518. waterbaby: Airforce blue
  1519. Weezer: Basketball
  1520. Weezer: The One that Got Away
  1521. Wesley Joseph & Dean: Sugar Dive
  1522. Westerman: Take
  1523. Weyes Blood: When You’re Smiling – From «A Small Light:  Episode 5»
  1524. Whispering Sons: Cold City
  1525. Whispering Sons: The Talker
  1526. Whitney Houston: He Can Use Me
  1527. Whitney Houston: His Eye Is On The Sparrow
  1528. Whitney: For a While
  1529. Whitney: Kansas
  1530. Wilco: A Bowl and A Pudding
  1531. Wilco: Infinite Surprise
  1532. Wilco: Levee
  1533. Wild Nothing: Dial Tone
  1534. Will Butler + Sister Squares, Will Butler, Sister Squares: Long Grass
  1535. Will Epstein: Oyster Bay
  1536. Will Johnson: Sinker, Sinking
  1537. William The Conqueror: Somebody Else
  1538. Willie J Healey, Jamie T: Thank You
  1539. Willie J Healey: Woke Up Smiling
  1540. Wisp: Once then we’ll be free
  1541. WOAH: I Don’t Want to Die When I’m with You
  1542. Woods: Weep
  1543. Woods: White Winter Melody
  1544. World of Birds, The: Cannonball
  1545. Wye Oak: Every Day Like the Last   
  1546. Wye Oak: TNT
  1547. Y La Bamba: Hues (feat. Devendra Banhart)
  1548. Y La Bamba: Nunca
  1549. Yacht: My Idea
  1550. Yard Act: Dream Job
  1551. Yazmin Lacey: Late Night People
  1552. Yelle: Top Fan
  1553. Yellow Days: Soul Smile
  1554. yeule: inferno
  1555. Yin Yin: The Year of the Rabbit
  1556. Yo La Tengo: Aselestine
  1557. Young Fathers: Drum
  1558. Young Fathers: I Saw
  1559. Young Fathers: Tell Somebody
  1560. Young Fathers: Ululation
  1561. Youth Lagoon: Rabbit
  1562. Youth Lagoon: The Sling
  1563. Youth Sector: The Ball
  1564. Yumi Zouma: KPR
  1565. Yves Tumor: Echolalia
  1566. Yves Tumor: Heaven Surrounds Us Like a Hood
  1567. Zombies, The: Dropped Reeling & Stupid
  1568. Zuco 103, Omar Ka: O Mato
  1569. zzzahara: Hey Familiar Face
  1570. Σtella: Girl Supreme

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