Free KMSPico Mega Windows Activator [2024]

Free KMSPico Mega Windows Activator [2024]

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KMSPico Mega is a Windows and Office activator tool. It is used to activate old Microsoft products for free. Uses KMS key management.

You can activate versions of Windows 11, Windows 10, and Microsoft Office without connecting to an online activation server.

KMSPico ( Mega is a genuine and very popular Windows activator.

KMSPico Mega Windows Activator

KMSPico Mega creates an emulated instance of the KMS environment on a personal computer using localhost.

KMS Pico replaces the original Windows evaluation license with a volume license key.

The password for KMSPico Mega is 12345.

System Requirements :. net 4

-Windows Business View
– 7 professionals
-Windows 8
-Windows 8. 1
-windows 10
– Windows 10 Preview or RTM
-Windows 11
– Office 2010
– Office 2016

KMSPico Mega Portable

KMSPico Mega Portable KMS Activator is best to activate Windows 11, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Office 2016, 360, 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Install KMSPico Mega

Disable Windows virus and threat protection before downloading the tool.

Therefore, you need to disable all kinds of antivirus programs and Windows real-time protection to install it.

– Go to settings.
– Search for virus and threat protection settings.
– Click on "virus and threat protection".
– Click "Manage Settings".
– Disable protection in real time.
You can also use the official KMSPico activator for Windows and Office.

Now download KMSPico Mega.

This is a compressed format. You have to extract files.

The KMSPico password is 12345.

Office activation

You can activate Microsoft Office with the same method using this activator.

Now download the KMSPico Mega activator.

After downloading the tool and extracting it, let's activate Windows and Office.

KMSPico Mega Office Activator has some unique features and also some advantages and disadvantages.

Main features

– Volume License Key
– GVLKS on Windows Server 2016
– CERTIFICATES for preview products


– Safe and secure installation
– Easy to use and activate

Advantages. & Cons.

– This activator activates your Windows permanently.
– Here you have no limit of 25 computers.
– No need to wait 2 hours before communicating with the server again.
– No number of Office applications required.
– Easy to use and activate.
– You can activate Windows in a few seconds with a single click.
– Does not require any Internet connection for the activation process.


KMSPico Mega is considered illegal for commercial and long-term use.

Antivirus detection problem.


It is very easy to completely uninstall KMSPico Mega from your computer. You must completely uninstall it from your computer, like any other software, at any time.

– Locate the KMS tool.
– The right button of the mouse
– Select Uninstall


– Microsoft Activation Script
– Windows 10 Digital License Activation Script
– KMS38 Activator
– Online activation script
– Windows 10 KMS38 activation
KMS38 means it will activate Windows until 2038. It does not activate Windows permanently. This tool does not require internet at the time of activation.

KMS38 does not store any files to activate the system again. Clean IP and ports after Windows activation. Therefore, you must use a separate activator tool for MS Office.

– Default server
– Server data center
– Server solution
You can learn how to install Microsoft Server Core.

Frequent questions

Send us your questions about any version of KMSPico, we will answer them as quickly as possible and add them here in our FAQ section.

What is KMSPico Mega?

It is an activating tool. Used to activate Windows 10 and Office 2016 products for free.

Is KMSPico Mega safe?

Yes. KMS Pico Mega is completely safe to use this tool for all Office editions and Windows activation.

What is the KMSPico Official Mega Site? is the official website of this mega activator

Is KMSPico Mega illegal?

No. It is completely legal to use this tool for learning and assessment purposes. It is illegal to use KMSPico Mega for commercial or long-term purposes. KMSPico Mega has no relationship with Microsoft Corporation or any other operating system vendors.

The KMSPico mega virus?

Compatible products

-Windows 11
-windows 10
-Windows 8.1
-Windows 8
-Windows 7
-Windows Vista
-MS Office 2016
– Office 365
– Office 2013
– Office 2010
– Office 2007
Feel free to contact us and ask any questions about the tool. We will do our best to serve you in the best way possible, as soon as possible.

Here you can download the latest versions of KIM Spico as well as the old ones.

You can read about the specifications, system requirements and changes in the latest versions at KMSPico.

KMSPico Mega Package

All In One Windows Microsoft Office 2016 Activator Tool contains:

KMSAuto Activator Tool
KMSpico Tool
Microsoft Toolkit
Remove WAT
Windows 7 Charger

Download KMSPico Mega All-in-One Activator


KMSPico Mega is a powerful activator tool to activate Windows 1, Windows 10 and Office.

There are many other modified versions of this tool. KMSAuto is another famous mod.

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