Ultrasonica e-zine :: Xavier Valiño





1. JOHNNY CASH: Unearthed

2. OUTKAST: Spearkerboxx/The Love Below


4. THE STROKES: Room On Fire


6.        AL GREEN: I Can’t Stop

7.        DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE: Transatlanticism

8.        TRIBALISTAS: Arnaldo Antunes, Carlinhos Brown e Marisa Monte

9.        THE JAYHAWKS: Rainy Day Music

10.      THE SLEEPY JACKSON: Lovers

11.      THE THRILLS: So Much For The City

12.      RADIOHEAD: Hail To The Thief

13.      BELLE & SEBASTIAN: Dear Catastrophe Waitress

14.      RADIO 4: Gotham!

15.      THE RAPTURE THE: Echoes

16.      THE TYDE: Twice  

17.      THE HIGH LLAMAS: Beet, Maize & Corn

18.      MY MORNING JACKET: It Still Moves

19.      LUCINDA WILLIAMS: World Without Tears

20.      THE RAVEONETTES: Chaing Gang Of Love

21.      YO LA TENGO: Summer Sun

22.      BEN HARPER: Diamonds On The Inside

23.      LLOYD COLE: Music In A Foreign Language

24.      CALEXICO: Feast Of Wire

25.      SPIRITUALIZED: Amazing Grace

26.      CAMERA OBSCURA: Underachievers Please Try Harder

27.      JOSH ROUSE: 1972

28.      ED HARCOURT: From Every Sphere

29.      THE POSTAL SERVICE: Give Up

30.      GANG STARR: The Ownerz

31.      ADAM MASTERSON: One Tale Too Many

32.      BENT: The Everlasting Blink

33.      BONNIE PRINCE BILLY: Master And Everyone

34.      JET: Get Born

35.      NICK CAVE: Nocturama

36.      THE DANDY WARHOLS: Welcome To The Monkey House

37.      KINGS OF LEON: Youth & Young Manhood

38.      TAHITI 80: Wallpaper For The Soul

39.      URSULA RUCKER: Silver Or Lead

40.      WARREN ZEVON: The Wind

41.      STEVE WYNN & THE MIRACLE 3: Static Transmission

42.      DAVID HOLMES: The Free Association

43.      BOOZOO BAJOU: Juke Joint

44.      EVAN DANDO: Baby I’m Bored

45.      COLDER: Again

46.      HOT HOT HEAT: Make Up The Breakdown

47.      TINDERSTICKS: Waiting For The Moon

48.      THE KILLS: Keep On Your Mean Side

49.      JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS: Streetcore

50.      IAN McCULLOCH: Slideling

51.      ALICIA KEYS: The Diary Of Alicia Keys

52.      DAMIEN RICE: O

53.      ROBERT WYATT: Cuckooland

54.      BLUR: Think Tank

55.      BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB: Take Them On On You Own

56.      ARE WEAPONS: Are Weapons

57.      ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION: Enemy Of The Enemy

58.      BASEMENT JAXX: Kish Kash

59.      YEAH YEAH YEAHS: Fever To Tell

60.      ALPHA: Stargazing

61.      STARSAILOR: Silence Is Easy

62.      COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS: Too Close To See Far

63.      DANIEL LANOIS: Shine

64.      ELBOW: Cast Of Thousands

65.      ELLIOTT MURPHY: Strings Of The Storm

66.      THE CORAL: Magic And Medicine

67.      CIBELLE: Cibelle

68.      DON MARIANI: Underwater Casino

69.      DWELE: Subject

70.      EELS: Shooten Anny!

71.      FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE: Welcome Interstate Managers

72.      THE GO-BETWEENS: Bright Yellow, Bright Orange

73.      GROOVE ARMADA: Lovebox

74.      ISOBEL CAMPBELL: Amorino

75.      JUNKIE XL: Radio JXL:  A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin

76.      MASSIVE ATTACK: 100th Window

77.      THE MINUS 5: Down With Wilco

78.      MOJAVE 3: Spoon And Rafter

79.      NEIL YOUNG: Greendale

80.      OI VA VOI: Laughter Through Tears

81.      PERNICE BROTHERS: Yours, Mine & Ours

82.      PIANO MAGIC: Artist’s Rifles  

83.      DIZZEE RASCAL: Boy In Da Corner

84.      PULSEPROGRAMMING: Tulsa For One Second

85.      RICKIE LEE JONES: The Evenings Of My Best Day

86.      RICHARD HAWLEY: Lowedges

87.      SHELBY LYNNE: Identity Crisis

88.      ERYKAH BADU: Worldwide Underground

89.      SUPER FURRY ANIMALS: Phantom Power

90.      THE THORNS: The Thorns

91.      UNKLE: Never, Never Land

92.      EDISON WOODS: Seven Principles Of Leave No Trace

93.      RUFUS WAINWRIGHT: Want One

94.      SHACK: Here’s Tom With The Weather

95.      THE HIDDEN CAMERAS: The Smell Of Our Own

96.      BRITISH SEA POWER: The Decline Of British Sea Power

97.      ARAB STRAP: Monday At The Hug & Pint

98.      CAT POWER: You Are Free

99.      BETTIE SERVEERT: Log 22

100.   JOE JACKSON BAND: Volume 4





1. Postal Service: Such Great Heights

2. Electric Six:  Danger (High Voltage)

3. The Libertines: Don’t Look Back Into The Sun

4. Radio 4:  Dance To The Underground

5. The Rapture:  House Of Jealous Lovers

6.        Das Pop:  Youth

7.        Punjabi MC: Mundian To Bach Ke

8.        The Strokes: Reptilia

9.        Tahiti 80: 1000 Times

10.      Tribalistas: Ja sei namorar

11.      The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army

12.      Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Maps

13.      Starsailor: Silence Is Easy

14.      The Sleepy Jackson: Miniskirt

15.      Camera Obscura: Suspended From Class

16.      Josh Rouse: Love Vibration

17.      Ed Harcourt: Watching The Sun Come Up

18.      Junkie XL (feat. Robert Smith): Perfect Blue Sky

19.      Evan Dando: The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is The Same Part I Can Live Without

20.      Benjamin Biolay:  Negatif

21.      Johnny Cash: Redemption Song

22.      My Morning Jacket: Golden

23.      Al Green: My Problem Is You

24.      The Jayhawks: Tailspin

25.      The Dandy Warhols: We Used To Be Friends

26.      Steve Wynn & The Miracles: California Style

27.      Outkast: Hey Ya!

28.      The Coral: Pass It On

29.      Hot Hot Heat: Bandages

30.      The Thrills: Santa Cruz  

31.      Moloko: Familiar Feeling

32.      Chicks On Speed: We Don’t Play Guitars

33.      Death Cab For Cutie: Title And Registration

34.      Lloyd Cole: My Other Life

35.      Ian McCulloch: Baby, Hold On

36.      Belle & Sebastian: Step Into My Office, Baby

37.      Jet: Rollover DJ

38.      Beetie Serveert:  Wide Eyed Fools

39.      Beyonce: Crazy In Love

40.      Dessert Sessions: Crawl Home

41.      The Ravonettes: That Great Love Sound

42.      The Roots: The Seed

43.      ARE Weapons: Hey World

44.      Broadcast: Before We Beguin

45.      Console:  Un sueño

46.      Dayna Kurtz: Love Gets In The Way

47.      Kings Of Leon: Holly Roller Novocaine

48.      Yo La Tengo:  Little Eyes

49.      Bent:  Magic Love

50.      Basemen Jaxx: Good Luck

51.      Nick Cave: Babe, I’m On Fire

52.      Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Stop  

53.      50 Cent: In Da Club

54.      Blur: Out Of Time

55.      Richard X: Being Nobody

56.      Tindersticks: Don’t Even Go There

57.      The Donnas: Take It Off

58.      Junkie XL (feat. Solomon Burke): Catch Up To My Step

59.      Neil Young: Bandit

60.      Client: Rock And Roll Machine

61.      Franz Ferdinand: Darts Of Pleasure

62.      Carla Bruni: Quelqu’un m’a dit

63.      The Hidden Cameras: Ban Marriage

64.      The Undertones: Thrill Me

65.      Adam Green: Friends Of Mine

66.      The Sleepy Jackson: Good Dancers

67.      Dizzee Rascal: I Luv U

68.      The Thrills: Big Sur

69.      The Kills: Fried My Little Brains

70.      Radiohead: There There

71.      Colder: Shiny Star

72.      The Go-Betweens: Caroline And I

73.      Arab Strap: The Shy Retirer

74.      Cat Power: Free

75.      The Strokes: 12:51

76.      The Thrills: One Horse Town

77.      !!!: Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)

78.      Ryan Adams: So Alive

79.      The Rapture: Olio

80.      Gang Starr: Skulls

81.      The Zephyrs: Don’t Say Sorry

82.      Damien Rice: Volcano

83.      The Sleepy Jackson: Rain Falls For Wind

84.      Kings Of Leon: Molly’s Chambers

85.      Jet: Are You Gonna Be My Girl

86.      The Coral: Don’t Think You’re The First

87.      LFO: Freak  

88.      Colder: Crazy Love

89.      Pulseprogramming: Blooms Eventually

90.      Cinerama: Don’t Touch That Dial





1.  NACHO VEGAS: Cajas de música difíciles de parar

2. REFREE: Nones


4. PAULINE EN LA PLAYA: Termitas y otras cosas


6.    EL COLUMPIO ASESINO: El columpio asesino

7.    ROTY 340: TZOOTZ

8.    LA COSTA BRAVA: Déjese querer por una loca

9.    LA EXCEPCIÓN: ¡Cata Cheli!


11.  DENEUVE: Llueve revolución

12.  QUIQUE GONZÁLEZ: Kamikazes enamorados

13.  DELUXE: If Things Were To Go Wrong  

14.  BALAGO: El segon pis

15.  EDDINE SAID: Onírica

16.  KIKI D’AKI: Mi colección

17.  NAWJA: Mayday

18.  SEXY SADIE: Lost & Found

19.  SR. CHINARRO: El ventrílocuo de sí mismo  

20.  PLASTIC D’AMOUR: Olivia

21.  NIÑAS LAS: Ojú

22.  MR. SNOID: Gran Confort

23.  NIZA: Canciones de temporada

24.  MUDO: Mudo

25.  SILVIA AMAL: Palabras de libertad

26.  CECILIA ANN: Si yo te contara

27.  DLUX: Después de la marea

28.  GECKO TURNER: Guapapasea!

29.  ELECTRA: La niña de los siete corazones

30.  LE PUNK: La logia de la canalla

31.  MEDUSA: Larga duración

32.  PIRATAS: Relax

33.  JARBANZO NEGRO: Terra Without Grenzen

34.  BICHO EL: El bicho

35.  ARIEL ROT: Lo siento, Frank + Acústico (2 CDs)

36.  AMPARANOIA: Enchilao

37.  DNOE: Qué piensan las mujeres 1:  Personal

38.  MINERAL WATER: El mundo es un lugar extraño

39.  EDWIN MOSES: Love Turns You Upside Down  

40.  UNIVERSAL CIRCUS: Universal Circus


42.  GRUPO SALVAJE: In Black We Trust

43.  ELLOS: Ni lo sé, ni me importa

44.  CORCOBADO: Fotografiando al corazón

45.  ELEFANTES: La forma de mover tus manos


47.  LOGAN: Música avanzada

48.  MANTA RAY: Estratexa

49.  AIRBAG: Ensamble cohetes

50. GRADO 33: Ya se oculta el sol




1.     La Costa Brava: Hazte camarera

2.     La Mala Rodríguez: La niña

3.     La Habitación Roja: La edad de oro

4.   La Buena Vida: Un actor mejicano  

5.   Cooper: Cierra los ojos

6.   Sr. Chinarro: Los carteles

7.   Las Niñas: Oju

8.   Cecilia Ann: Mi revolución

9.   Clovis: 1975

10. Quique González: Piedras y flores

11. Plastic D’Amour: Aujourd’hui

12. La Excepción: Hoy Frescuni

13. Nacho Vegas: En el jardín de la duermevela

14. Refree: El hueco

15. Pauline en la playa: Me acurruco

16. Najwa: Go Cain

17. Dusminguet: Rock & Roll  

18. Universal Circus: J.U.N.O.

19. Deluxe: We’ve Got Too Much

20. Kiki D’Aki: El color de los días perdidos

20. Sexy Sadie: Almost Drunk  

21. Manta Ray: Que niño soy

21. Gecko Turner: Un limón en tu cabeza

22. Medusa: Policía sentimental

23. Ellos: Algo muy grande

24. La Buena Vida: Lo que dicte el corazón

25. El Columpio Asesino: Motel

Xavier Valiño


Una vez más, como todos los años, aquí está la particular selección de quien esto subscribe de lo que ha sido lo mejor del año 2007, entendiendo lo mejor como lo que más me ha gustado de lo que he conseguido escuchar: Bettye Lavette, Arcade Fire, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, La Casa Azul y Joe Strummer en el podio. Pasen y lean, que la polémica está servida para sus comentarios.

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Ultrasonica e-zine :: Xavier Valiño




(CATEGORÍA APARTE: Scott Walker: The Drift)


1. M. Ward: Post War

2. Tom Waits: Orphans…

3. Micah P. Hinson: And The Opera Circuit

4. Ali Farka Touré: Savane

5. Arctic Monkeys: Whetever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

6. Neil Young: Living With War

7. TV On The Radio: Return To Cookie Mountain

8. Bob Dylan: Modern Times

9. Candi Staton: His Hands

10. Cat Power: The Greatest

11. Camera Obscura: Let’s Get Out Of This Country

12. Johnny Cash: American V: A Hundred Highways

13. Thom Yorke: The Eraser

14. Guillemots: Through the Windowpane

15. Beth Orton: Comfort Of Strangers

16. Cibelle: Shine Of Dried Electric Leaves

17. Gnarls Barkley: St Elsewhere

18. Howe Gelb: Sno’ Angel… Like You

19. CSS: Cansei De Ser Sexy

20. The Long Blondes: Someone To Drive You Home

21. Jens Lekman: Oh, You’re So Silent Jens

22. Marisa Monte: Universo ao meu redor

23. Josh Rouse: Subtitulo

24. Amy Winehouse: Back to Black

25. Dominique A: L’Horizon

26. The Kooks: Inside In/Inside Out

27. The Twilight Singers: Powder Burns

28. John Legend: Once Again

29. Lupe Fiasco: Food & Liquor

30. Belle & Sebastian: The Life Pursuit

31. Cracker: Greenland

32. Lila Downs: La cantina

33. Centro-Matic: Fort Recovery

34. Dayna Kurtz: Another black feather

35. Junior Boys: So This Is Goodbye

36. Devastations: Coal

37. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan: Ballad of the Broken Seas

38. Joanna Newsom: Ys

39. The Decemberists: The Crane Wife

40. Anthony Hamilton: Ain’t Nobody Worryin’

41. The Divine Comedy: Victory For The Comic Muse

42. Midlake: The Trials Of Van Occupanther

43. Vicent Delerm: Les piqûres d'araignée

44. Spencer Dickinson: The Man Who Lives For Love

45. Beirut: Gulag Orkestar

46. Bert Jansch: Black Swan

47. Cheikh Lo: Lamp Fall

48. Destroyer: Destroyer’s Rubies

49. Harlan T. Bobo: Too Much Love

50. Gepe: Gepinto

51. Bonnie Prince Billy: Letting Go

52. Herman Düne: Giant

53. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

54. Badly Drawn Boy: Born In The Uk

55. Band Of Horses: Everything All The Time

56. Albert Hammond Jr: Yours To Keep

57. El Perro del Mar: El Perro del Mar

58. Peter, Bjorn & John: Writer’s Block

59. Beck: The Information

60. Donal Fagen: Morph The Cat

61. The Long Winters: Putting The Days To Bed

62. Caetano Veloso: Cê

63. Amp Fiddler: Afro Strut

64. Jerry Lee Lewis: Last Man Standing

65. Hot Chip: The Warning

66. Pernice Brothers: Live A Little

67. Vetiver: To Find Me Gone

68. Jarvis: Jarvis

69. Rachid Taha: Diwan 2

70. Phoenix: It’s Never Been Like That

71. The Lemonheads: The Lemonheads

72. The Sleepy Jackson: Personality…..

73. Los Lobos: The Town & The City

74. Mattafix: Sings Of A Struggle

75. Wooven Hand: Mosaic

76. Bruce Springsteen: We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions

77. Bobby Bare Jr's Young Criminals Starvation League: The Longest Meow

78. Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins: Rabbit Fur Coat

79. Ed Harcourt: The Beautiful Life

80. Perry Blake: The Crying Room

81. Scritti Politti: White Bread Black Beer

82. Luomo: Paper Tigers

83. Lo-Fi-Fink: Boylife

84. The Rapture: Pieces Of The People We Love

85. The Gossip: Standing In The Way Of Control

86. The Elected: Sun, Sun , Sun

87. Shack: The Corner Or Miles And Gil

88. The Fratellis: Costello Music

89. Golden Smog: Another Fine Day

90. Lambchop: Damaged

91. Sonic Youth: Rather Ripped

92. Kasabian: Empire

93. Sufjan Stevens: The Avalanche

94. Tender Forever: The Soft And The Hardcore

95. The Flaming Lips: At War With The Mystics

96. Sparklehorse: Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain

97. The Drones: Gala Mill

98. The Tyde: Three’s Co.

99. Neil Diamond:  12 Songs

100.Calexico: Garden Ruins





1.     Gnarls Barkley: Crazy

2.     Peter Bjorn & John: Young Folks

3.     Massive Attack: Live With Me / The Twilight Singers: Live With Me

4.     Loo & Placido: Horny As A Dandy (The Dandy Warhols’ “Bohemian Like You” vs. Mousse T’s “Horny”)

5. Josh Rouse: Quiet Town

6. Spinto Band: Oh Mandy

7. Arctic Monkeys: When The Sun Goes Down

8. Belle & Sebastian: Another Sunny Day

9. Cat Power: The Greatest

10. The Rumble Strips: Motorcycle

11. Mist: Healthy Man

12. Bob Dylan: Workingman Blues #2

13. Camera Obscura: Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken

14. CSS: Music Is My Hot Sex

15. Albert Hammond Jr: In Transit

16. The Strokes: You Only Live Once

17. East River Pipe: Crystal Queen

18. Hot Chip: Over And Over

19. The Raconteurs: Steady, As She Goes

20. Thom Yorke: Harrowdown Hill

21. Tv On The Radio: Wolf Like Me

22. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Gold Lion

23. Amy Winehouse: Love Is A Game

24. Arcade Fire & David Bowie: Five Years

25. Simian Mobile Disco: Hustler

26. The Pipettes: Pull Shapes

27. Brian Ferry And Antony: Lowlands Low

28. Richard Hawley: Some Candy Talking

29. Herman Dune: Bristol

30. Morrissey: Life Is A Pigsty

31. Lily Allen: Smile

32. Johnny Cash: Like The 309

33. Phoenix: Long Distance Call

34. The Long Blondes: Once & Never Again

35. The Flaming Lips: Mr. Ambulance Driver

36. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth

37. Band of Horses: Funeral

38. Dominique A: Dans un camion

39. Candi Staton: His Hands

40. M. Ward: Chinese Translation

41. Destroyer: Rubies

42. Justin Timberlake: SexyBack

43. Nelly Furtado: Maneater

44. Lambchop: Paperback Bible

45. Calexico: Cruel

46. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan: Black Mountain

47. Beck: Nausea

48. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins: Rise Up With Fists!!

49. Coldcut feat. Roots Manuva: True Skool

50. Built To Spill: Liar

51. Muse: Supermassive Black Hole

52. John Legend: Show Me

53. Midlake: Roscoe

54. The Divine Comedy: A Lady Of A Certain Age

55. Eels: Girl From The North Country

56. Junior Boys: Double Shadow

57. The Streets (feat. PDoherty): Prangin' Out

58. Dirty Pretty Things: Bang Bang You're Dead

59. Golden Smog: Corvette

60. Herbert: Something Isn’t Right

61. Gotan Project: Diferente

62. Dj Shadow: This Time (I’m Gonna Try It My Way)

63. El Perro Del Mar: I Can’t Talk About It

64. Klaxons: Atlantis To Interpone

65. Micah P. Hinson: Jackeyed

66. Jarvis Cocker: Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time

67. The Rapture: Get Myself Into It

68. The Young Knives: Tremblings Of Trails

69. Kelis: Bossy

70. Tom Waits: Road To Peace

71. The Fratellis: Henrietta

72. Scritti Politti: The Boom Boom Bap

73. Ed Harcourt: You Only Call Me When You’re Drunk

74. Kasabian: Empire

75. The Who: Endless Wire

76. The Sleepy Jackson: God Lead Your Soul

77. Delays: Valentine

78. The Gossip: Standing In The Way Of Control

79. Ms. John Soda: No. One

80. Lupe Fiasco: Kick, Push

81. Tilly And The Wall: Bad Education

82. Sebastian Teller: La Ritournelle

83. Mojave 3: Breaking The Ice

84. Primal Scream: Country Girl

85. ESG: Everything Goes

86. Michael Stipe feat. Joseph Arthur: In The Sun

87. The Magic Numbers: This Is A Song

88. The Long Winters: Pushover

89. Stars: Calendar Girl

90. The Knife: Silent Shout

91. The Horrors: Sheena Is A Parasite

92. Neko Case: Hold On, Hold On

93. Woven Hand: Whistling Girl

94. Stuart A. Staples: That Leaving Feeling

95. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Cheated Hearts

96. Sonic Youth: Incinerate

97. Maps: Lost My Soul

98. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy: Love Comes To Me

99. CSS: Lets Make Love To The Sound Of Death From Above

100. Richard Ashcrof: Why Not Nothing?





1. Sr. Chinarro: El mundo según

2. Grupo de Expertos Solynieve: Alegato meridional

3. Nubla: Voayeur

4. Violadores del verso: Vivir para contarlo

5. Enrique Bunbury & Nacho Vegas: El tiempo de las cerezas

6. Antonia Font: Batiscafo Katiuskas

7. Parade: Todas las estrellas

8. G 5: Tucaratupapi

9. Josele Santiago: Garabatos

10. Standstill: Vivalaguerra

11. Tote King: Un tipo cualquiera

12. Sybil Vane: Turismo de interior

13. Tarántula: Esperando a Ramón

14. Magín Blanco: Ella

15. La Buena Vida: Vidanía

16. El columpio asesino: De mi sangre a tus cuchillas

17. Dorian: El futuro no es de nadie

18. Pauline en la playa: Silabario

19. Santi Campos y los Amigos Imaginarios: El invierno secreto

20. Tachenko: Las jugadas imposibles

21. Igloo: Igloo

22. Francisco Nixon: Es perfecta

23. Niño y Pistola: Como un maldito guisante

24. Maga: Maga

25. Pumuky: De viaje al país de las tormentas

26. La Excepción: Aguantando el tirón

27. Atom Rhumba: Amateur Universes

28. Incrucificables / Hello Cuca: Id.

29. Christina Rosenvinge: Continental 92

30. Half Foot Outside: Perfect From The Distance

31. Corcobado: Editor de sueños

32. La Habitación Roja: Dirán que todo fue un sueño

33. El Alpinista: Mundo pequeño

34. Pal: Canciones hacia el fin de una especie

35. Estrella Morente: Mujeres

36. Sevigny: Melacoholic

37. Javier Colís y las Malas Lenguas: El futuro ya no es lo que era

38. Fantasma #3: Los amores ridículos

39. Ikah: Calma

40. Iván Ferreiro: Las siete y media

41. Fon Román: Silencio cómodo en un jardín descuidado

42. Buika: Mi niña Lola

43. Underwater Tea Party: Suburban Metronome

44. Gecko Turner: Chandalismo ilustrado

45. Grupo salvaje: Aquí hay dragones

46. Standard: 3.000v.-40.000w.

47. Vanexxa: Se rompe o se raja

48. Single: Pío Pío

49. Ojos de brujo: Techari

50. Zodiacs: Zodiacs




1. Antonia Font: Darrera una revista

2. Grupo de Expertos Solynieve: Claro y meridiano

3. Francisco Nixon: Me casaré cuando me enamore

4. Sr. Chinarro: Esplendor En La Hierba

5. Dorian: La playa bajo el asfalto

6. Parade: Flora Rostrobruno

7. Garzón: Marcador

8. La Cultural Solynieve: Se ve que hay calidad

9. Mala Rodríguez: Por la noche

10. Nacho Vegas: Días Extraños

11. Tulsa: Seguramente me lo merezco

12. Delco: Crazy / Mad

13. Julieta Venegas: Me voy

14. Josele Santiago: Pensando No Se Llega a Ná

15. Bunbury: De Esclavitud Y De Cadenas

16. Corcobabo: Orquesta de perros

17. Christina Rosenvinge: Tok Tok

18. El Columpio Asesino: Floto

19. Jorge Drexler: Transoceánica

20. La Buena Vida: La Mitad de Nuestras Vidas

21. Maga: Dardo y Alicia

22. Lori Meyers: Vigilia

23. Tarántula: Empresarios y secretas

24. La Habitación Roja: Fotógrafo del alma

25. Delorean: As Time Breaks Off

26. Ojos de Brujo: Sultanas de Merkaillo

27. Javier Colís y las Malas Lenguas: El Ejido Blues

28. PAL: Dios Oppenheimer

29. Pauline en la Playa: Lo que pesa un hueso de cereza

30. Tachenko: 1986

31. Cat People: Radio

32. Andrés Calamaro: Corazón en venta

33. G-5: El Cheque

34. Sibyl Vane: Madre soltera

35. Grupo Salvaje: WNP

36. Violadores del Verso: Haciendo lo nuestro

37. Standard: On The Floor

38. La Excepción: Jambo loco

39. Santi Campos Y Los Amigos Imaginarios: Bicho Raro

40. El Hijo: Leche Y Miel

41. Single: Pío, Pío

42. Tote King: Ni de ellos ni de ellas

43. Spam vs. Silvia Superstar: Da igual

44. Sr. Chinarro: Del montón

45. Standstill: ¿Por qué me llamas a estas horas?

46. Igloo: Silvia Saint

47. Magín Blanco: Ella

48. Vanexxa: Desheredada

49. Plastic d’amour: Plus rien

50. Half Foot Outside: Dial The Number



DVDs 2006


1. Daniel Johnston: The Devil & Daniel Johnston

2. Gorillaz: Demon Days Live

3. Neil Young: Heart Of Gold

4. Rolling Stones: Sympathy For The Devil

5. Van Morrison: Live At Montreux 1974-1980

6. P J Harvey: Please Leave Quietly

7. Marvin Gaye: The Real Thing; In Performance 1964-1981

8. Kanye West: Late Orchestration, The Abbey Road Sessions

9. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: The Road To God Knows Where / Live At The Paradiso

10. Pixies: LoudQuietLoud, A Film About The Pixies

11. The Police: Everybody Stares; The Police Inside Out

12. Glastonbury, The Movie (Julián Temple)

13. Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man

14. Gram Parsons: Fallen Angel

15. Beastie Boys: Awesome, I… Shot That

16. Elvis Presley: The Ed Sullivan Shows

17. Eels: Eels With Strings, Live At Town Hall

18. Jim White: Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus

19. Jeff Tweedy: Sunken Treasure. Live In The Pacific Northwest

20. Pet Shop Boys: A Life In Pop

21. Kraftwerk: Minimum Maximum

22. Daft Punk: Musique Vol. 1 1993-2005

23. Shane McGowan: If I Should Fall From Grace

24. Gonzales: From Major To Minor

25. Joe Strummer: Let’s Rock Again

26. Ramones: We're Out Of Here

27. John Fogerty: The Long Road Home In Concert

28. John Martin: Live At The BBC

29. Japan: The Very Best Of Japan

30. Maxïmo Park: Found On Film

31. Madonna: I’m Going To Tell You A Secret

32. REM: When The Light Is Mine. The Best Of The I.R.S. Years. 1982-1987

33. Pixies: Acoustic Live In Newport

34. The Who: Who’s Better, Who’s Best

35. Tori Amos: Fade To Red


Xavier Valiño

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